A DealMature

“So why are you here?” Dracula asked the hunchback while they were sitting at a rather small tea table sipping coffee. “A long time ago there was a succubus called Esmeralda who seduced many people. She then made a deal with a powerful wizard. He told her that if she brought him the heart of a prince he would grant her immortality. See half way through her creation something went wrong and she was unable to be completed.” The hunchback said.


“Well I don’t see a problem with that. She was succubus was she not. She would extend her life force by eating peoples life force through reproductive activities. So that problem is solved.” Edward said. “No. The succubus can only extend her life for a very long amount of time. And that is why she made the deal with the Wizard. The way she would Get the Princes heart was very elaborate. She drove a priest mad with love and then pretended to love the prince. The priest driven into insanity stabbed the prince. However once the dagger pierced his body it pierced his heart. And when Esmeralda brought the wizard the heart. The wizard became infuriated with her. For the deal was an undamaged heart. So he placed her under a spell never to age and never to wake until she was given immortality.” The hunchback grimaced.


“Well that is certainly different from the book.” Edward said. “What book?” The hunchback asked. “Nothing.” Dracula said eyeing Edward who quickly left. “You fell in love didn’t you?” Dracula said looking back to the hunchback. There was no reply. “I will take that as a yes.” Dracula said. “Well I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I can give her immortality without turning her into a vampire like myself.” Dracula said while the hunchback glanced up at him with a hopeful look in his one eye. “However. We have more pressing matters. So I’m going to offer you a deal.” The hunchback looked at Dracula with a suspicious glare now. “what is it?”

Dracula just grinned.

The End

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