A new allyMature

"Huh. That was a lot faster than I thought it was going to be." The doll maker said. "En guard." Frankenstein said pulling his lance up to a striking position. The doll maker pulled something out of his pocket and stod there. Frankenstein leaped at the doll maker and thrust his lance right where his face was going to be. The dool maker shimmered out of vision and was next seen behing Frankenstein. Frankenstein didn't have enough time to dodge. The doll maker spun around and stabbed Franks neck with a needle. The needle was  12 inches long and had a thin red thread connected to the back end that stretched over 20 feet. 

Frankenstein was to slow. The doll maker zoomed around him, tying him up. Soon Frankenstein was unable to move. The doll maker outstretched his arm towards him. "Are you ready for the pain." "Well....." Before he could finish his sentence the doll maker opened his hand and a powerful shock travled through the thread and sizzled Frankenstein. "See that Dracula and for my next trick im going to make an ass hole disappear." Dracula Jumped forward and lounged with his blade Excalibur. The doll maker laughed and slaped it out of Draculas hand. The doll maker Held his hand forward. "Are you ready to meet death?"

"Uragh!" A shout rang out into the still air and a thud that sounded much like a train hitting a child soon followed it. Dracula opened his eyes. There standing between the Dracula and the doll maker was a giant form. not the form of a giant but bigger. Much bigger. A near twenty feet kind of bigger. And a width of nostalgic proportions. A large hunch and trunk sized arms. "Hunchback?" Dracula questioned. "Yes it is I the Hunchback." He said quickly before reaching back with his bull sized fist and smashed it into the body of the doll maker. Sending him through the air. The doll maker stood up and brushed of his cloths. "Damn you all. Well it is all the same. Our next creation will be more powerful that you can possibly imagine." The doll maker said calmly. "What do you mean your next creation. You can't make anything any more. Not with the String master gone." Dracula said. The doll maker did nothing. he just stood there grinning. Dracula broke out in a cold sweat. "No you can't mean that he is going to." Dracula said. "Indeed he is. See Nosferatu agreed to releas Our long lost brother in return for a Favor." the doll maker said as a colorless opaque portal appeared behind him. The Doll maker simply began to laugh as he stepped into the portal and vanished.

The End

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