Frankenstein jumped at the mad hatter with his lance. "Behold the power of a true human." Frank said. The mad hatter jumped over his lunge but Frank had anticipated this and he had a purple-ish black force in the shape of a club smashing the hatter into the ground. Frank pulled his lance up and drove it into the chest of the hatter. 

"How did you defeat me with such speed? You were not this powerful when you fought the judge." The hatter gasped. "I was held back." Frank said. The mad hatter pulled a card from his hat and threw it at Frank. Frank dodged and composed himself. "take this." The hatter yelled as a whirlwind of cards shot at Frank. A bullet of darkness protruded fron the lance and dispelled the cards tearing the hatters leg off. The hatters chest healed by then but he fell down what with the lack of a limb. "W.....why, how, w....when," The hatter stuttered. "Always." Frankenstein said grinning. "Why do you fight a lossing battle with the three brothers?" The doll maker asked. "Well to tell you the truth. Im not exactly "With it." Im on the crazy train and there is no station in sight, when I was born I was beaten with the mental stick." He said blowing off the mad hatters other leg with another shot from his lance. "Im one thread loos of a tapestry, IM ONE CUPCAKE SHORT OF A BAKERY!" "Your insane!" the mad hatter screamed in fear. "BINGO!" Frank yelled picking up the mad hatter and ripping him in half with his bare hands and bathing in the shower of his blood.

Dracula looked at the Doll Maker. "You are next."

The End

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