the doll makerMature

"Well that was interesting. Where did you get that monster?" The last man standing said. "Oh you know. Here and there." Dracula said. "So who are you?" He finished. "Do you really not know your own maker?" He said with a chuckle. "You couldn't be." Dracula asked. "Yes i am i am none other than the invincible Doll maker." He said whipping his cloak off and revealing himself. 

"Well lets see who shall i kill first? The master or his puppet?" The doll maker said gesturing to Dracula and Frank. "Actually i don't need to make this desicion." He said holding his hands up at the sky. A opaque black liquid fell from the clouds that just recently formed. After a minute It began to come together forming an ameoba in a human form. It then formed color. green and purple. A oversized green hat and a purple under coat. "hello the mad hatter at your service." he said bowing down. 

"Frankenstein do you think you can handle him?" Dracula asked. "Sir i don't think i can in this current power." He said. "Well then frank i give you permision to unleash your full potential. I release the seal upon you." Dracula said. 

The couds swirled and were pierced by a purple beam. Frankenstein was enveloped in it. "Sir I will not let you down." The butler said. "Ooo lets see what your weapon is." The mad hatter said. "Come forth dark lance. Ragnarok." Frank said. A shape came down and landed in his hand. "I never made that weapon and neither did the cosmo being how did you get a weapon of that power?" The doll maker asked. "You made there weapons by killing beings of great powers and harnessing there souls. I tried the same thing but there were not as many powerful beings in the world after that so i went on to make weapons out of a human soul. It did not work. So i tried something different. I tried to kill billions of humans and i harnessed there souls to make this single weapon." Frank said. The doll maker just looked at it interested. "It does not matter how he got it i will present it to the String master when we bring him back." The mad hatter said. "Well i would like to see you try to pry it from my hands." Frankenstein said bringing the lance to a striking position.

The End

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