The Monster from the CoffinMature

Suddenly a spike of dark energy that rumbled the entire planet burst forth from the court yard. The energy was blacker that a ravens fethar, and larger than the largest mountain. Every one looked at the twelve foot coffin. The last lock on it disintegrated and the door creaked open. Dracula used all of his energy to form a shield around him and his butler.

Inide of the coffin was a skeleton that was 9 feet tall chained by his arms and legs, suspended over the ground. His head was one that looked like a small T rex head and his arms and legs were about quadruple jointed, his chest had some kind of light blue crystal growing on it. His back was littered with small spikes and every joint was an ameba of bones. His eyes were literally red flames and he had a tail of about 6 feet long.

The chains broke and he landed on the ground. He looked up and saw everything that there was to behold. "See Dracula this is the difference between you and me. You can punch some one and he will fall in half. I can punch some one and eviscerate there entire race." He said crouching low. "Well well well if it isn't my old enemy." The judge said. "Well Walter i have only one thing to say to you. I never really considered you my enemy i just kind of found it interesting to fight you at 0.05 percent power. And you dissapointed me." Skelatron said.

The judge did not even say anything after that. Not because he did not want to. But because he had the burden of his head relieved from his shoulders. There was blood every where. "Oh god what the hell is that!" The banshie screamed. Skelatron was right behind her lunging his right arm out. She jumped above him and landed behind him. The short spikes on his back extended out to ver eight feet shiskabobing her. She fell. "Hey you need to get out of here." Nemo said. The other figure tuned around and ran away. "Sending every one else away to fight me on all by yourself. How cowardly." Skelatron said. "How is that cowardly?" Nemo asked pulling out his sword and pointing his gun. "Because.... suicide is the cowards way out." Skelatron said before he disappeared. 

Nemo shot behind him. "Nice try but im here." Skelatron said coming at his left. Nemo shot at him before swinging his blade right for the skull. Skelatron fizzled out. "Again wrong side." Nemo heard behind him. Nemo tried to turn around but he could not. He looked down and Skelatrons claw was protruding out of his chest with his heart and half of his lung inside of its palm.

"And stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself." Skelatron said punching Nemo in the back. "Argh you are hitting me." Nemo said. " au contraire, mon frere. You brought this pain on your self." Skelatron said before ripping his arm out of Nemo along with allot of his insides. Nemo dropped the gun and Skelatron picked it up along with the umbrella and the gavel that the judge held and he place them all in Draculas shield. Before going back up to the coffin and closing the door behind him.

"Don't forget the last one." Skelatron said before the door closed shut.

The End

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