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Dracula smiled. "What are you smiling for?" The captain saked pulling out a six shooter and holding it down towards Edwards head. "Ha you really don't know anything about me do you?" Dracula said. "Don't you care about what happens to this child?" The man in navy asked. "Not really, kind of a smart ass." Dracula said. "Then why am I doing this?" He asked. "Because you get off on it?" Dracula smiled walking towards him. "Hate you. Hate you both." Edward gasped. 

The captain jumped at Dracula. "I am the invincible Captain Nemo. Prepare to suffer at the hands of a true marine." Nemo said. "Ha you don't know anything about real life. You may be a marine but that just means that you are the first to be sunk by me." Dracula said. Captain Nemo pulled his six shooter and shot 5 times at Dracula. "By the way how many times can you shoot out of that gun?" Dracula said catching all of the bullets between two fingers. "Six?" Nemo grinned. "Good then that means that you are dead after this shot." Dracula laughed. "Bang!" The last shot rang out.

"Ouch!" Dracula said bending down wounded. "You shot me in the back you bastard." Dracula shouted. "Ha and that is not all that has happened that is bad." A familiar voice said. Dracula lifted his head and saw the broken body of Frankenstein in front of him. Barely conscious. "Frank you failed me." Dracula said. "He is a lot frigging stronger than he lets on." The butler said. "And that is not all." A woman's voice said behind him. Dracula looked behind himself and saw the banshie floating next to Nemo Under her umbrella. Upon looking he found that Death was chained by thousands of golden ropes.

"Well it looks like you have had enough." Nemo said pulling out another gun and pointing it at Dracula's head. "Any last words?" Nemo asked. "As a matter of a fact i do have some last words." Dracula smiled. "Ok I will hear them out." Nemo said. "With the authority of the blade of deamons that once binded you. I release you with the order of death. Come forth Skelatron." Dracula said smiling.

The End

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