the slender manMature

"So why are you here?" Dracula asked. "Oh i was just in the area and i thought that this would be a lovely summer home and why the hell do you think i'm here?" He said sarcastically. "..... the view." Dracula smiled. "Oh for fricks sake." The shrouded figure on the left said stepping forward. It pulled off his cloak and revealed a black coat with black pants, a cape that was black on the outside and red on the inside, along with a black top hat. his face was literally featureless.

"Oh well if it isn't the Slenderman. I have not seen you since I left you in the forest as a baby because of your horrid little figure. Lets see if you can fight some one like me." Dracula said holding up his dagger like hand. "Lets do this uncle." It said as long tendrils extended from its body. Dracula was the first to act.

He speared strait for his foe with his hands ready to strike. The protective tendrils shot down and blocked his first strike. The tendrils looked almost like a mist but they felt exactly like concrete. More of the tendrils grabbed Draculas leg and lifted him up. Dracula was smashed into the brick ground and dragged along about 20 feet leaving a crater trail. "Now do you feel my power? Now do you feel my pain?" The slender man yelled. Dracula stood up after the tendrils let him go. "Ok that happened." He clearly said cracking his neck.

Tentacles of miasma trailed down from the castles broken windows and wrapped around Draculas body. The slender man cringed at Draculas power surge. "Ok I am not in the mood to kill anything right now so i am just going to make this quick." Dracula stated. "What do you mea..." Draculas foe did not even have the chance to finish the sentance before Dracula had his hand inside of his head ripping out his brains. Thick black blood splurted every where.

"How do you think this feels for me nephew!" He said dropping the brain down and stabbing him with his other hand so that it went through his entire body. "Ah who am I kidding this feels amazing I should have done this sooner." He said as he pulled his hand out and shoved his other hand into his body via the hole in his stomach, gripping his heard and pulling that out to. "Now watch as i show you the futility of standing up to your elders." Dracula said bringing the heart closer to his face. Dracula opened his mouth and consumed the heart. As his foe watched.

"Ah that was delicious." Dracula said to himself. "Stop. Now we have you." A voice said behind him. Dracula looked back and saw A man in a captains suit holding Edward under his foot while Scott was knocked out behind him. "Stop or the child dies." The captain said with a smile.

The End

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