Out the windowMature

"I think I will have the pleasure of fighting you first." A womans voice voice said. One of the cloked figures stepped forward. "Hey Dracula this is your fight have fun." Ignacy thought. "Ok." Dracula said back. Ignacy closed his eyes and bent his head back. The dark shroud surrounding the castle collected in long tendrils that slithered down to Ignacys body surrounding his body and creeping into his mouth. "Ok every one dies." Dracula's voice said from the inside of the mist.

The cloaked figure pulled the cloak away and revealed herself. She had a red dress with a red umbrella. Her eyes were pink as was her lipstick. She drew her hand forward pointed the umbrella towards Dracula. "Well well well if it isn't my little sugar pill." Dracula said. "Yes it has been at least four hundred years since we seen each other." She said. Her name was Emerald but she was anything but. She was a banshie. "So when are you going to fight me and all of my power?" She laughed.

"Ha screw that, I still have a full hand." Dracula said. "Death get her." He finished calmly. Not a second later The cloaked entity was in front of her with his sythe ready to claim her life. She blocked it with her umbrella but the strength wich he hit her sent her flying into the wall. Death was not going to let up on her yet because he was already over there getting ready to fight her.

"Now who is going to fight me?" Dracula asked with a smirk on his face. There was a pause. "Well we uh sorta figured that she would have... well.... you know. We didn't think that you woud survive." The one to the left said. "Well i guess im up." The one on the right said stepping forward. 

"Hey scott guess what Dracula's fighting some shmucks out there." Edward said. Scott jumped up and ran to the window. "Wow He is really going to get his arse handed to him isn't he?" Scott laughed. "Maybe, what is your reasoning?" Scott asked. "well see in every game when you fight a boss he is normally stronger than the one before him. And there are two of them down there. So I think that he is going to die." Scott said. "that is very strange logic there." A voice said behind them. "I couldn't agree more..... crap." Edward said before they both were knocked out. 

The End

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