The intrudersMature

"It is two days since me and my brother has been locked in this room. The food is good and bountiful however the only connection that we have to the outside is a phone that has gone dead and the window that looks out to the front." Scott wrote in Edwards note book. Scott I am ashamed to be your brother. To deface my books of science with your diary entries." Edward said. "I have to do something to write my last will and testament before i waste away." Scott said.

"Sir your tea." The butler said. "Thank you Butler." Ignacy said grabbing the tea. Then Butler pulled out a letter and handed it to Ignacy. "Hmm?" Ignacy chuckled as he opened the letter.

Dear douch bag.

look out your window.

                                                                                                         sincerly The doll maker

Ignacy looked up and ran to the window. "Butler sound the alarm and join me down in the courtyard." Ignacy yelled. The butler dispersed into the shadow. At that moment a horn was heard over the racket. "Hear me spiders that crawl, and gargoyals that growl, ginats that stalk, and devils that laugh. Hear me and rally to my call. Destroy the interlopers until only there bones remain." One could here the butler a mile away.

Ignacy was already in the courtyard standing next to the giant coffin watching the hoard swarm over to the gates. "Ha this should be good." Ignacy said. There was a flash of light rising to the heavens and then a massive beam of golden light shooting down and incinerating all living things that it touched. 

"Oh crap. He is here!" Ignacy gasped. "Butler!" Ignacy yelled. "Yes sir?" Butler asked. He was now just a couple of feet away from him now. "Butler i want you to take care of the judge." Ignacy said. Butler bowed and crossed his hand across his chest. "If it is your demand i have no choice." He said. Another beam of light sizzled the gates to nothingness. And in the light Ignacy saw his foes. 

Four silhouettes. Clothed in dark rags covering there entire bodies. Figures in the light of carnage walking over the eviserated remains of the gate. Frankenstein walked forward and adressed the man in the black robe with the white wig. who was the only one that was not in the cloths. "You who art the judge i chalenge you to a fight." In that moment both of the peoples dissapered. 

"Ok so who will have the pleasure of fighting me first?" Ignacy asked. 

The End

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