the prodjectMature

"Hey did You hear about the new tower that is being constructed in Paris?" Scott said to Ignacy. "Why would i be interested in a consruction project?" Ignacy asked. They were heading to Bran castle. "By the way what could be so important that we have to be going to Bran Castle?" Edward asked. "We are going to be living there for a while. Don't worry i have made all of the preparations complete and besides that is where my defences are strongest." Ignacy said.

"What do you mean. What defence will we need?" Edward asked a little worried. "Well you see after that apperance at Notre dame I sort of showed all of my opponants that i am here and they will undoubtedly come after me." Ignacy said looking out of his window at Bran Castle in the distance."And i have to be ready to fight them with all i have. See we are fighters and if you fight someone in there own territory who has the advantage? We have the same kind of ability. our powers are more powerful in our own territory and my territory is Bran Castle." Ignacy finished. As Bran Castle came closer Scott and Edward knew there was something differant about it. "See even as we draw closer to it you can see the dark energies rising. Because that is where my Servant lies." Ignacy finished.

"What is your servant?" Edward asked. "His name is Grim Reaper." Ignacy said. Edward shivered and Scott just looked at him. The as they closed in on the castle he saw it. at the very top of the Castle floating above the tip there was a cloaked figure holding a mammoth sythe, surrounded by floating rocks and debris. Out of the hood of the cloak gleamed eyes that burned red with a fury that could be felt inside of the car.

What attracted Edwards eyes where the countless gargoyals that seemed to writhe around the castles exterior. Instead of there usual stone form they seemed to have black scales and boiling oil drooling from there closed mouths. The gates opened and standing upright in the center of the driveway standing where the fountain should was the same massive coffin that Scott had seen in the basement.

"What is that?" Scott asked. "That is my loyal warrior." Ignacy said.  The car parked and they all entered the castle. There where Giant 10 foot statues that had materialized into human bodies. The statues stepped  out of there ways forming a path a path. The monoliths saluted Ignacy as he passed and then went on with there buisnes once he passed. Giant Spiders the size of cars crawled along the walls and roof. The butler came out of one of the many doors and welcomed them.

"Sir Dracula i have prepared everything for you and the young twirps." He said. "Thank you frankenstein." Ignacy said. "Frankenstein? There is no way." Edward gasped. "Yes young masters Welcome to Bran castle now returned to its former glory with the reawakening of the great Lord Dracula." The butler said with a cruel smile that sent shivers down the two boy's spines.

The End

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