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"Well what do you want?" Dracula said to the boys. "Oh i dont know a storie would be nice Uncle Dracula." Scott said sarcasticly. "well Also we would like to know how this whole mess started. Edward said calmly. "well where should i start?" Dracula said impersonating Ignacys voice. "The BLOODY BEGINNING you lug." Scott replied. "Ok then get ready for a boring storie." Dracula said.

"About 2000 years after the creation of the planet a woman was born. she was the most powerful person in the world, possesing the power to wipe people from existance. Then one day she was concieved with three baby boys. they were every bit as powerful as there mother. As they grew she nurtured them to even greater power. They became so powerful that they over powered there mother and consumed her.

The people became so afraid that they turned to a stranger from beond the cosmos. This man created entities that had immense power that ruled over the forces of nature. These entities over powered the brothers and cornered them in a pocket universe that the strongest brother created. Here the three brothers created a large amount of entities to combat them.

How ever, after the fighting the misterios mans entities went into hiding and with them the strength of the natures that they controled was weakened. the last reamaning  object of power was the omnijewel. This jewel had such power that it sealed away the strongest of the three brothers. And that is the end." Dracula said.

"well that does not explain about what happened out there or where you came from." Scott said. "Scott you moron, Dracula here was made by the Three brothers and That "thing" was made by the man." Edward said. "No actually the Hunchback was made by the three Brothers to. You see after the omnijewel sealed away the strongest brother the power controling us all dissapered and we all went baserk and that is where you get the stories that you have of me. yes i did drain an entire town and i did kill hundreds. We all did. Then after that we all calmed down and lived low for a while. but when ever we find each other we fight because of if we gain anothers soul weapon we can kill it forever and gain its power." Dracula said

"A few hundred years later one of the few cosmo beings creations, called Nosferatu found me in my castle and we fought a battle that lasted for three weeks. at that time the town below was leveled ,the surrounding cities were in flames, plauge was created from our dark powers clashing, millions dead, thousands fighting, the dead was being revived as vampires and fighting and killing, and a dark aura filled the land."

"the cosmo-being saw what was happening and he came down from his place in the sun like a lightning bolt that shattered the darkness as if it was a piece of glass. He turned everything that was affected into sand that was blown away. He traveled up to the top tower of the castle where Nosferatu and i were fighting, and he sealed us away using the omnijewel."

"Many  years later two men came and found the jewel. They both touched it and Nosferatu and i escaped into there bodies. and now here we are." Dracula finished. "well i have a question. what do you call the three brothers? father, master, or what?" Edward asked. "We call the first brother the peddler, he collects all of the material that is used to make us. The second one is called the Doll maker, he uses the materials to make our bodies. And the las of the brothers is the most powerful of them all. he is the all-mighty String master, He has the ability to controle us like puppets, he gives us life by bequething to us something called the string of fate." Dracula said with a bit of sweat coming down his shin from just mentioning the String master.

"So what what is your soul weapon?" Scott asked. "Well at first i had a cape that was only fitting for the father of all vampires and i used it to kill some King and i stole the demon blade Excalibur from his cold dead hands. Then i fought "The demon that lives in the basement." After that i lost my cape once i got locked up in this insipid jewel." Dracula Said wearily. "Well it was fun talking but Ignacy has started regaining consiosness so i have to go by." Dracula said as he went limp. "UUUWAHH!" Ignacy yelled standing up. "Oh im here. well then how about we go home?" Argentine said packing up. "Seems dandy enough. i also have to find out what that "thing" in the basement is.

The End

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