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Argentine walked up the stairs into the hospital. "Ok if my reports are correct then the doll maker should be here about now visiting another one of his creations." He thought to himself. Well then i am just going to pop in and make a request. "Um excuse me i was wondering if you are holding a Marry Ann?" Argentine asked. "oh yes but visiting hours are over now." the woman said with her shrill voice. "You will let me see her without any regard to your job." Argentine said casting a spell over her. "She is over on the right in door 155." she said mesmerized. "thank you." Argentine said. He walked right down to the door that had the woman that he was looking for in.

"Hello is any one there?" Argentine asked. "Oh im just leaving." someone said from inside. A man in a purple suit with a purple top hat walked out clinging to his cain. he was obviosly wounded. "freaking hunchback. hit me with his freaking car sized fist. i could only get one wing." he cursed. "Um excuse me but by any chance would you happen to be the doll maker?" Argentine asked. "well yes i am to some.... wait would you happen to be Nosferatu?" he asked back. "i would happen to have him inside of me." Argentine said. "So you have that insipid jewel." The doll maker half asked half stated. "No my companion does. and we found that jewel several centuries ago." Argentine said. "Well that does make cense that i detected your power but not his. but that does not matter at the moment. I need something from you if i am to create what we are planning to create." the doll master said pulling out something from his pocket.

"Dont bother you can have a fang. I will grow it back by tomorrow any way so here." He said pulling a fang out making him bleed. "Ok then what do YOU want HMMM?" The doll maker asked. "I need This." Argentine said passing him some blue prints. "Hmm seems simple enough but how will you manage to get it here?" The doll maker asked. "You will. that is the last part of the payment for my fang. i need it on a tall tower in six months or my fang will loose all power." Argentine said waving his hand at the fang making it glow purple. "And now the covenant is done. in six months or else it will be destroyed." Argentine finished.

"Fine i will accept thees terms. but on one condition." The doll maker stated. "And what is that?" Argentine said. "That you, who has complete dominance over Nosferatu Force open the seal over my dear brother the String master." The doll maker half yelled. Instanty Nosferatu woke up And Memories started to flow into Argentines mind. Argentine broke out in a cold sweat, and his throte ran dry along with his mouth from the mear mentioning of the String master.

"fine i will keep my end of the bargin." Argentine said quietly. "ok then i take my leave." The doll maker said traveling across the hallway limping the whole way. "by the way i wonder what happened to him." Argentine wondered. He opened the door and standing right next to a woman with a wing was a muscular man holding her hand and saying that it was all going to be ok. Argentine instantly knew that that was the hunchback and he was holding the hand of a succubus. He closed the door and left. "ah love what a feeling eh? funny though it seems as if that "thing" could be loved by the man with a heart the size of a boulder. Im sure that it is just her magic working on him." Argentine said to himself not beleving it. "ah i truly am a sap once it comes to love stories huh?" He said as he left the building.

The End

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