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"Hey Edward lets go." Scott said. "Or else we will miss the action happening in the square." "I just want to stay here. i dont want to be in the way of the fighting." Edward complained. "Bloody 'ell. Come on it is a giant and a vampire fighting. It's like the circus and a horror movie combined. of course you want to see it." Scott said. "Clowns scare me." Edward replied. They had gotten a taxi to take them to the liven hotel. Its location was right in the town circle surrounding notre dame, the fight was quite literally right outside. But when it went back inside the tower Scott wanted to watch the rest.

"Aaaargh forget you im going in." Scott said grabbing his camera and pocket knife. "wait don't go i can get hurt if you leave me alone......... fine i will cover your back." Edward said rushing out of the bathroom and grabbing his pocket knife and his backpack and ran after his brother. 

upon reaching the church Edward caught up to Scott and grabbed his shirt. "listen Scott if it is the super naturel in there then we won't be able to come out of there unharmed. and there is also the chance that if we go in that we won't survive." Edward yelled. "Hey Ho come on let's GOOOOOOOOO" he yelled at the top of his lungs. In that moment the body of Dracula crashed through the wall next to them scaring Edward half to death and Scott a little bit too. after gathering his wits again Scott piped in again. "so if we go IN THERE we could get hurt, if we go IN THERE we could die. but what if they came OUT HERE." Scott said getting his camera out."here Edward roll the camera and film the whole thing." he said giving the recorder to him and going out to get more shots.

Dracula looked at his arm and it sprouted forth ashes that took form of the arm that was lost. it was consumed in darkness and dispersed and low and behold there was the lost arm. "Hey Dracula I have an idea, give me power over my body for now ok?" Ignacy asked. "I really don't want to but at this moment im willing to try anything." Dracula felt the force of Ignacys thoughts and mind as his body was given back to the host that he took it from.

The body of Dracula turned back into Ignacys regular form. "ha a mere mortal will never stop me." The behemoth said from within the tower. "scientific fact. lightning will strike the top of any metal rod that hangs high in the sky." Ignacy said pointing at the newly developed storm clouds in the sky sending lightning down. "And with the metal beams that were used in the construction of the bells in the tower a single shock of lightning would turn the entire tower into a tesla coil." Ignacy finished. Ignacy pointed Excalibur toward the sky and Dracula inside of him synced his power into Ignacy summoning forth a lightning bolt to hit the top of the tower. the electrical pulse of the tower was so powerful that it cackled with red light and everything inside shot a bolt to everything else. this process continued.

The hunchback shrugging it all off jumped out of the tower after Ignacy. "Ok manling you wanted me out of the tower and you got me out. i must say that that last attack did hurt a little bit. and out of respect for that i will tell you something. my hide is invincible to most everything." The hunchback said. "Ok then that confirms what i have to do." Ignacy said covering the blade with cloth. "you impudent manling i waste my time with you bring back Dracula he was more fun." The hunchback said chuckling.  "try me. i think you will find im a bit harder to take than you think." Ignacy chuckled back.

The hunchback shot right at Ignacy. The hunchback attacked with a right hook which Ignacy ducked beneath but was followed with a left hook. Ignacy jumped over it and ran around the hunchback. he pulled out the tip of the sword from the cloth and jabbed him in the back. The hunchback spun around with a left hook, which was dodged by jumping back, and followed it up by using that momentum to spin in with a right swing. Ignacy knew he would do this so he jumped on his arm and jumped again. by this time the hunchbacks back was turned and Ignacy was just above him. Ignacy drew the blade up and stabbed it deep into the hunch of the hunchback.

"ARGH!" The hunchback yelled in deep pain. the sword was still clothed in the fabric which Ignacy had covered it in. Before Ignacy could land he was caught by the hunchbacks giant hand. "you were right manling you were allot more difficult than Dracula but now you die. Ignacy tried to open the hunchbacks grip with his one arm that was not inside of the hold. At that moment he saw a glimmer of light. "a pocket knife?" He thought to himself. The pocket knife was thrown by Scott and it sailed thru the sky and found its mark, the hunchbacks exposed eye.

The hunchback let go of Ignacy to hold his eye in agony but before Ignacy fell completely he grabbed the bottom of the hunchbacks hand.and swung around it. The result. Ignacy was standing on top of the hunchbacks arm. He ran at the buried blade but instead of grabbing the blade itself he pulled at the cloth and it gave way. Ignacy jumped off of the hunchback and ran away as fast as he could. The hunchback finally got over his damaged eye. He turned over to the bell tower and he looked over at Ignacy. Ignacy was pointing at the tower. Once he looked at the tower he noticed that the red pulse of electricity was still present.

"Scientific fact no tesla is good alone. It needs two in order for any of them to work." Ignacy said as he touched a screwdriver to the tower. the pulse traveled between the two the tower, and the screwdriver. "What is your game manling?" the hunchback yelled. The hunchback then charged at Ignacy. Ignacy ran for his life. while charging at Ignacy the blade that cud deep into the hunchback made contact with the tower. Red electricity ran through the blade into the hunchbacks body frizzling him on the spot.

The tesla that was the tower shot its energy into the hunchback so that it could balance the amount of electricity in both teslas. the hunchback was twitching and he lost all consciousness. "that was very good Dracula said to Ignacy from within. Edward and Scott ran to Ignacy just as he began to collapse from the strain of using magic. people started to stare at them. "ha yup this happens all the time just give him some sleep and he will be alright." Scott said. as he and Edward carried him to the motel.

the hunchback was awoke by the sound of footsteps. "Hello Samuel. it has been a long time hasn't it?" a voice said. "That voice could it be?" The hunchback thought. "Yes it is me. your creator. The peddler." the same man that played chess with Scott said. "i am here for something that you have. no you not need worry about your braclet. i am here for something else." The peddler bent down to face him. "i need something from you." he said as he place his hand on the hunchbacks ,now healed, exposed eye. "thanks." then he pulled the eye, and pulled, and pulled, unti the eye came out. along with the cense cords attached to it. blood gushed out every where. "oh and by the way before you think about reclaiming this you might want to use that stupid braclet to turn into a human and run to the hospital. Or else my brother the doll-maker is going to hurt your precios beloved succubus wings and you know that she will die without them." the peddler said before he dispersed like ashes in the wind. "by now" he said. The hunchback got up in his agony ang ran to the hospital.

The End

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