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9:00 pm   Paris

"OK TIME TO WAKE UP." Ignacy said happily as he threw Scott out of the train and into a pile of suitcases with Edward folowing soon after. "You are in a good mood aren't you?" Scott said. yes because today is my day away from you." he said happily. "but you havn't even spent a whole day with us." Edward said. "nobody cares." he said. Igancy started to leave on that note but then he stoped.

"wait i am forgetting something here have this uh... two hundred dollars here is what i want you to do. go to the street order a taxi, then go to the nearest hotel and check yourselves in then you can pig out or do what ever you ideots do... good by." he chirped before he dissapered into the croud.  "ok then lets get started." Edward said. 

Ignacy went through the main hall to the curb and called a taxi "take me to notre dame." they left and upon arival Dracula started to speak. "Well i have not felt this pressance since." "what is it dracula?" Ignacy thought. "well there is a certain..uh.. i guess you could call it a thingy or a majig. but i would call it more of a, i guess, a kind of a flibermajingi if that makes sense." Dracula said. "ok ok just shut the hell up you are not making any sense. is ther anything you can tell me that i can even think of being usfull?" well it seams that this soul has bonded to the building for some sense of missguided protection."

By this time Ignacy was entering the church inner rooms. "uh exscuse me sir i am here to deliver the pizza for the man in the bell tower." Ignacy said. 'I will take that and deliver you your money." the preist said. "I am sorry but i will have to do this, my buisness is strictly profesional." Ignacy said refering to his cloths. "ah. well the belltower is in that direction." the preist said. "thank you gent'." Ignacy said as he left to the door that entered the bell tower.

"ok listen if we are lucky the soul hasn't fused to any one and taken them over yet. if however that it has we are in some serios trouble." Dracula said. "Hey if things get ugly and i pass out or if i am in real trouble i am giving you some control over my body." Ignacy said out loud. "finaly some action for me." Dracula siad inside Ignacys head. "HAHAHA you haven't even fully taken over the mans body and you came here to fight me how impudent." a deep voice said from out of the darkness.


 "show yourself and i will show you how out matched you are." Ignacy shouted. "very well then. the voice said. then the weirdest thing loomed out of the darkness into his sight. it was 23 feet tall at least, other than the body proportions, his form was like that of a normal human from the feet that had huge veins pulsing to his bare chest with what must have been a twenty pack but his head was that of a hunchback the top of his back was like a giant bulge about the sixe of a small boulder and the veins where just a bit larger there, his arms where literaly the width of tree trunks. his head was dissfigured as it had one eye all swolen and half closed so that you would not be able to see his iris, and this other eye was almost compleatly exposed half of his mouth was over grown and the other half was normal, but what realy atracted Ignacys eyes was how wide he was. he was about 10 feet wide and he was not happy looking.

"hey Dracula you were right, it is more like a flibermajig." Ignacy thought. "So my worthy opponant what may i call you?" Ignacy asked. "you may call me what ever you like. my previos name was Samuel or Samo for short but then i got this body so now they call me the hunchback of notre dame." Ignacy almost wimpered as he pulled his blade from his cane. "angaurd." Ignacy said. the hunchback tuned his back on Ignacy and then turned around with a backhand from his cow sized fist making contact with Ignacys entire body. Ignacy flew through the wall and into the main chaple to smash into opposing wall with a crater.

"OK move over." Dracula said while Ignacy was falling unconsios. "I wan'a drive." he ended. The eyes that once belonged to Ignacy opened and the entire eye was blood red. the hair started turning jet black from its roots and extended to the tips, his hands became smooth and his finger nails became sharp. his two fangs on the top that where once half an inch grew to up to 2 inches as did th scisor teeth on the bottom of his mouth. his entire body changed coler to a darker shade and he grew to 6 foot 7 ande his tuxedo became a suit with a cape like one that somebody would expect a real vampire to have. and then the blade that he was holding started to morph into a sword. The hunchback walked through the wall and stoped at the alter.

"God forgive me for a have damaged your house and will do so a little bit more." he prayed. Dracula landed on the ground and stood up to his full height. The hunchback looked at his foe with a kind of joy. "it has been a long time since i fought another freak." he said. "ahha, freak, im not a freak, im not, im not, you are but im not so don'T CALL ME THAT!" Dracula shouted. Dracula shot over to one of the people leaving the church. he pulled back her hair and bit he on the juguler vein but he did not suck any blood instead he pulled off the entire side of her neck.

blood was every where gushing out at such a rate it seemed more like a fountain that a person. dracula drank as much blood as he wanted as the hunchback watched in horror. "ah much better now i can fight to my fullest." Dracula said. he lunged his arms  out to his sides a far as he could and he began to float. his body was covered by an aura of darkness that was like that of a black fire. the hunchback lunged at him with his arms outstreached to grab Dracula but Dracula was to fast.

Dracula was above him slicing at his back with his finger nails. the instant that the fingernails hit the skin seemed to harden at that spot. Dracula spun around tha hunchback with his speed slicing at him with his fingernails. it looked more like a wasp attacking a child. the hunchback finaly grabed Dracula and slamed him into the ground creating a crater then he threw him through the wall and into the street.


Dracula held out his hand and the weapon that was just finished morphing into a sword flew to his hand he held it up and lightning struck it from out of no where the sheeth disitegrated to reveal the naked blade. "behold the demon blade Excalaber formed from the blazing fires of the stars and wroght in the cosmos." Dracula chanted.

"very good." the hunchback said before holding up his arm as a large braclet formed. "behold the neclace of terra broght forth from the fires of the eternal dragons." he said as he held it up. rocks and chunks of the houses and the church broke off and started to float around and dark cloads filled the sky shooting lighting down creating a field.

dracula charged at the hunchback and sliced him on the arm, this time he cut deep and drew blood. he then flew to his back and started slicing his hunch. the hunchback grabed his leg, spun around once and threw Dracula into the bell tower. the hunchback jumped from that spot into the bell tower 30 feet above the ground widening the hole that dracula had made crashing through there. as soon as the hunchback was in there he dissapered. Dracula looked around but could not find him at that moment he was grabed by his arm and slamed into a pillar.

Dracula acted quicly stabing the hand with Excalibur making the hunchback bleed severaly the blade still inside of the hand Dracula chanted the magic words for the soul burst. "Excalibur ignite." Dracula shouted. Excalibur shined bright then stoped. at that moment the hand that it had been stuck inside exploded. the hunchback ignored the pain and grabed Ignacys entire body with his other mamoth hand. "neclace of terra lend me the streangth of the eldar makers and bring forth the power of the earth." the hunchback said as the braclet shined. in a second the braclet stoped shining and the hunchbacks grip tightened on Draculas torso. The hunchback lifted Dracula above his head and smashed him into the ground creating a crater about 7 feet in radeos and lifted him up again and smashed him down again widening the crater.

He looked down on the damaged vampire grabing his left arm with his one good hand and pinning down Dracula with his foot. "an arm for an arm." the hunchback said as he rips of Draculas arm off. he then proceded to hit him over and over with his limb laughing the whole time.


mean while.

The End

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