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The carrage stopped at the train station and the luggage was loaded onto the train. The boys got into the train and Ignacy folowed after them. He imediatly dissapered and the boys were left alone. they started a small game of chess with an elder skinny gentleman and they started to have a good time. meanwhile Ignacy was travleing to the front of the train to meet with the people in the front car. upon reaching it he opened the door and entered the car. There waiting for him was a plathora of gentlmen all wide eyed looking at him like he was the best thing that ever happened to them.

"Ahem, well pleased to meet you is there something i can help you with?" a young man in the back asked. "Ah just the man i was looking for. You are the information broker are you not?" Ignacy asked back. "No you must have me confused with some one else. but i know who you are you are the man that played the violin at the concert just a couple weeks ago." He said. Almost imediatly all of the gentlemen where on there feet giving him handshakes and expressing there gratitude for his music.

The info broker left the cart through the way that Ignacy had come in at. Ignacy gave chase through the croud and he finaly made it out of the cart. almost imeediatly he caught up to him and grabed him by the coat. "Ok wise guy you are going to give me all the info you have on the freak at notre dame. or else." Ignacy wispered. "Or else what.." the man said just before he spit into Ignacys eye. "Ok here we go." Ignacy said lifting the man up with his inhuman streangth and carried him down the carts.

 "Check mate." The older gentleman said to Scott about 8 carts down from Ignacy. "Darn I alwase lose at this game." Scott said grudgingly. "How about you young man?" The skinny man said to Edward. "Care for a game?" He continued. "As a matter of a fact I would not mind I can't bury myself in this book for ever now can I?" Edward said in his thick brittan accent. The game lasted only six turns before some one spoke.

"I say what book where you reading it seems quite large and complicated." Edwards opponant asked. "I will tell you once this game is finished how about that?" Edward said. "tell? lets make it more interesting, see, I am a colector of sorts, expesialy of books that seem like they will take a long time to read. so how about this if I win the next one I get to have the book." he said "And if I win?" Edward asked. "Then you can have this chess board." he said. pulling out a chess set of gold. "Sounds like a deal who wouldn't want a chess set of pure gold...." edward said moving his queen and took the rook gaurding his king from across the bored. The mans bishop took his last rook but shortly after his pawn took the last of the mans knights, and being gaurded by the queen he had achieved check mate. The game had only lasted 13 turns and edward had a sence of pride enflated enough to rival that of a zeplin. "Checkmate." he said outloud.

"Very good I did not expect to have such a worthy oponent travle with me. by the way what book where you reading?" The gentleman said. "Although it may be above my aparent reading level the book I was reading was art of war." Edward said. "Well....... That was unexpected." The gentle man said standing up. "By the way I never got your name down." Edward said. "my name? my name is Marty but to those that know me I am called the Peddler." Those where the last words he said before leaving to the front.

Ignacy was just entering the cart that he left the boys in when he bumped into some one that was leaving. the man tipped his hat to him compleatly ignoring the man that was being carried about a foot over the ground and left. Dracula instantly spoke. "Wait was that..... no never mind it couldn't be." Then went back to being silent.

He carried the poor man across the cart past Edward who had already found himself another oponant and past scott that was just going into the loo.  he carried him past all of the other cart to the caboose. he then lifted him over the rails and above the train tracks that where speeding past about 80 mile an hour.

"Tell me everything I want to know or things might just get a little bit painfull." Ignacy said slowly. "I dont know anything I swear." The man said fear paralyzing his body from the neck down. "Ok then." Ignacy said. "I belive you. After all it does not seem like you would lie in youre currant circomstances." Ignacy continued putting the man over the rails and on the solid floor of the caboos. "Pant wheez, well all is well that ends w..." The man did not have the chance to end his sentance before Ignacy smashed his head into the metal wall causing him to fall down face first.

Ignacy ripped the back rail compleatly off and grabed the mans head. He leaned his head over the end just inches away from the speeding tracks. "Now it is still my turn to talk. Tell me everything I want to know NOW."  "Ok ok I will tell just please dont hurt me." The man yelled over the sound of all the racket the train was making. "Where is he and when does he come out." ignacy asked pulling his head up. "he lives in the bell tower and he is only seen by the people that go to the church often." The man cried. "You see that wasnt so hard now was it?" Ignacy said leaving the man behind as he returned to the front cart.

The End

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