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"then he pointed to where the bloody house was, can you belive that?" Scott said to the woman that had picked them up and was currently taking them to the house that was there current home. "well this Ignacy seeems realy..... iteresting" she said smileing. they finaly came up on the house and the boys got out. "by the way i never got youre name." Scott said. "my name? my name is Lilie. the lilith of the nobles." Lilie said. "well Lilie it was an honer to meet you." scott said just before he ran inside out of the rain. "yes i have a hunch that we will meet again." Lilie said to herself.

The moment that Scott came in Ignacy was there. As soon as the door was closed a suit case was thrown into his chest. "hurry and pack your things." Ignacy said. "whait where are we going?" Scott said. "to notre dame now shut the hell up and get packing." he said before going upstairs. "Bloody 'ell." Scott said going down stairs to get his things. about halfway down the stairs he noticed a door that would easily be ignored. it had a lock on it but he tryed any way suprisingly the door knob fell off. "OK?" Scott said suprised that the door was so damaged. he tryed to push it open but insted the door fell backwards and disintegreated in front of his eyes.

With piqued intrest Scott walked further in and down a long hallway with burned out cadles with candlesticks that had rusted over. "odd usualy rust happens from rain." Scott commented. at the end of the hallway there was a circular room filled with roting wood and rusted iron. at the far end of the room there was a massive coffin about twelve feet high with about twenty locks that had rusted leaving only two locks left that were just fine. the cold enviroment caused Scott to grab his elboes and start to shiver. he started to leave and he pulled his hands away from his elboes and ran out.

he ran as fast as he could and went strait down to his room. upon entering his room he noticed that his shirt was a little bit used up. he grabed the top of his shirt to pull it of and the shirt came apart, patch by patch, string by sring, thread by thread. "this house is so full of mysteries that i might go insane." Scott said. "maby you will but it wont matter for to long, you will se that over time every one goes crazy. Even me i did but it doesnt matter any more now." a voice rasped in his head. "im leaving." Scott said out loud. he shoved a bunch of cloth into his suit case and headed strait for the car.

The End

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