at the barMature

Ignacy had butler drive him to the bar that was clossest to his house called the succubus tail. He ran in as to avoid the rain that had just ten minuets agoe started. upon entering he beheld the most vulger sight he had ever witnessed. the piano had a person sticking out of the back and the roof lights had fallen on several people beneith, the cooks were fighting a group of ruffians in the corner and a child was under a table in the center of the room surrounded by the rest of the bar fight.

The bartender had one persons head under one foot and she was standing on the chest of another unconsios sap holding two large men about 6 inches off of the ground griping them by the heads and then proceeded to smash there skulls together and drop them on the ground, unconsios, bleeding, and twitching.

Ignacy waved over to her and she noticed him in between smashing apart some unfortunate mans leg and punching another man in the stomach whith her ham sized fist. Helga was a large woman of 8 foot 9 with muscles that would make world renowned street fighters piss there pants and cry for there momm'ys to save them. This has actualy happened in the past so Ignacy could say firsthand that he was glad that he was on her good side. he sat down in the seat closest to the door and by that time butler came in and started to attack the thugs that where harassing the cooks.

Helga faought her way over to Ignacy clearing a path with her truck sized arms and leaving a bloody river in her wake. Upon reaching Ignacy she pulled out a pen and a piece of paper. "So vat vill you have today. " she asked in her thick russian accent. "Well i think i will have the cherrie parfait with extra chocolite sauce. and i also need to know some things." Ignacy said. "Just hold on von moment please," she said. then she proceaded to yell at the cooking saff that had just been rescued by Butler. They imediatly ran to the citchen and started cooking again. butler was just helping the woman and child out from under the table. 

Helga sat down next to Ignacy began. "Ok vat do you need to know?" she asked. "well i kind of ran into another vampire and im thinking that there are more freaks like us out there and i was wondering if you could kind of point me in the right direction." Ignacy said. "vell vell vell zees is most entertaning is it not?" she laughed. i can tell you vere a particular rumer has had much conterversy in zis perticular matter, but it has slipped my mind. and even if i did remember zis particular rumer zis bar prides itself in its sealed lips." she said smileing. "well" Ignacy said pulling out several gold coins from 1391 and putting them on the table. "this should make up for opening your lips and this...." he said pulling out a 100 dollar bill. "should make you remember."

"vell all of a sudden it all came back. i have been hearing a rumer of a large man in the palace of notre dame. it is sead that he is 15 feet tall with fists that can trow a large truck. i am not saying that it iz true i am just saying that it is wat i have been hearing." she said. "Thank you so much i am alwase at youre service." Ignacy said standing up. "i will take you up on that offer some time." she replied. "ha i know you will" Ignacy smiled.

The End

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