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"I'm finally away from those little monsters. I had kids but back then they were allot more quiet." The fantasy gardens where a collection of green houses that were connected by a maze of floors and corridors. Here people often came to experience the fun of getting lost and trying to get to the end. The kids were left behind and hopefully lost in the eternal maze beneath the gardens. The eternal maze is the extreem challenge for those thrill seekers. The fun of it is different from the normal fantasy gardens. It has chalenges in it like blood thirsty tigers, poison filled spiders and other traps of fear. Many people have been found down there dead from things like other players, poisoned, even been mauled by bears.

Ignacy was almost done with the first maze enjoying himself when the intercom piped in. "Will Ignacy come to the loby to pick up some children." "AHHHHHHHH no no no no come on i just got rid of them WHY ME!" Ignacy yelled. then the intercom piped in again "Hey you yes you the bloke with the red wig yes you are about to get into a dead end i sugest that you turn around and take a right on the five way. Also Grand daddy please get up here quickly you are being slow. that is all." "Of course they had to do that." Ignacy said to himself. he rounded to the finish and left the maze. "Tiz a shame that i couldn't make it to the fifth  floor." Ignacy said angrily.


 By the time he got there the children where sitting in the corner and talking to a girl about there side. "Well I know one way I can make my day better." he said to himself. "Hey boys are you flirting with another girl. that is the eighth one today when are you going to stop?" he piped up behind them. The girl went from looking flattered to looking insulted and she stormed away.

"What was that for?" Scott said. "Impulses of random rage and spontaneous outbursts of untruth tend to be frequent in my vocals when I am agitated and have to vent my unhappiness." Ignacy said with a grin. "Haha" Edward chuckled. "What is so funny?" Ignacy asked with mild annoyance. "The fact that you have things called hissy fits. Hahaha." Scott said. "oh haha i feel like i'm in one of those fruit brand commercials two fruit cakes for the price of one." Ignacy said glaring at Scott. "Hm I find it rather unreasonable to refer to us as fruit cakes if, in fact we had finished all five floors in under 20 minuetes, and when you were just finishing the first one." Edward said. "You are a wordy little bastard aren't you?" Ignacy stated. "lets go children i am unhappy now and it is almost time to go to my therapy." Ignacy continued. "therapy for what?" Scott asked. "therapy for two little children that gave me suicidal thoughts." Ignacy smirked. "now lets go." he ended.

They were getting into the car and then Ignacy looked at them and smiled an evil grin. "no you walk." He said before they got in. Scott and Edward looked at him as if to expect he was joking. Ignacy closed the door and rolled the window open. "Here is a map and i live here" he said pointing to the top of the map. "and we are here." He said pointing to the center left. "you cant be serious." Scot said. "Step on it butler." Ignacy yelled to the front of the car. the car zoomed of and left them two alone. "Bloody 'ell" Scott said. edward was already walking to the house edward ran to catch up.


The End

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