Have at youMature

Ignacy pulled his blade out and slashed at the man but he was gone. Ignacy looked around but could not see him. "I'm right here." His foes voice came from behind him. Ignacy slashed behind him and made contact with something he swirled around ans saw his blade was in contact with a scythe "Oh this will be fun." Ignacy said. "Not so much fun you think it will be." The man standing before him said.

Ignacy struck the man on the face but it healed almost instantly. "Ha is that all you have?" Nosferatu laughed. "No." Ignacy yelled. Ignacy ran him through over and over and over again as if his enemy was a practice dumby. "Ow that hurt." Nosferatu said with a cruel grin. "Now it is my turn." He continued. He twirled his scythe up and around and then held it to a stop. "Ha are you ready for me?" He said. "have at you." Ignacy answered. Nosferatu lunged at Ignacy with his weapon screaming in anticipation for blood.

The blades crashed and sparks flew. Ignacy was on the defensive now he could not get a single blow in. He was soon wounded. "Now Dracula you die." He said holding the deadly weapon above his head. "No not here." Ignacy shouted. He drove his blade into his foes head and he fell. "Hurry that won't hold him for long you have to throw him out the window. the fall will wound him and sunlight is almost here." Dracula said. Ignacy grabbed the body now twitching with life again and threw it out of the tower.


 "Ignacy, Ignacy are you there?" scarlet yelled. "Yes im here and everything is going to be ok." He said. "No I don't think so. Im not going to make it." She said. "Take care of Scott and Edward." She said. "Haha no i'm sorry but I don't do kids." Ignacy said jokingly. Scarlet just looked at him with a face that said. "No you will do this or I will come from the grave and rip you friggin head off." "All right fine I will take care of them but you just hold on." He said. "No no not even with my strength can i defeat death." She said. "But if I could I would." she continued. And then she fell limp and lifeless. "No NO THIS ISN'T HAPPENING THIS CAN'T HAPPEN." Ignacy yelled. He shot his hand out and grabbed the back of Scarlets neck. "I wont let this happen." He said quietly. He lounged his head at her neck and bit deep.

Her blood was still warm and tender. She was delicious to the extent that he almost forgot what he was doing and drained her dry. He gently inserted his own blood into her veins. after a minuet of doing so he let go and called butler. "Hey im going to need a coffin here in under 30 minuets." He said. "Yes sir." Butler said. And Ignacy hung up.

Now lets start looking for Edward." Ignacy said out-loud. "Wait what about me?" Scott said. "Ugh just 3 minuets after you mom died and you already want attention this is why i hate kids." Ignacy said directing towards Scott. "I know she is dead but things like this happen and i realized that a long time ago. Scott said back. "Ok two things. One, I am only going to untie you because you seem like a mature kid and ,two, if you ever talk back to me like that i swear i will reach my hand down your neck and pull out your vocal cords. got it." Ignacy sait smiling. "bloody 'ell." Scott said. Ignacy untied him and they split up to look for Edward.

The End

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