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Once the car stopped at the castle and Ignacy got out as fast as he could he stormed through the opened entrance and shot up the stairs. At the top of the first flight of stairs there standing in the gleam of light was the man.

"That must be Nosferatu!" He thought to himself. he griped his cane harder. "Tell me where they are." He demanded "No I think I won't." The man said. "Then you leave me no choice." Ignacy proclaimed. He raised the cane above his head and pulled the hidden blade out and slashed the mans head clean off. Blood splurted out of neck and the corpse fell down.

He dashed up the left flight of stairs and opened the door zoomed across the ballroom to the tower door and smashed it down with his bare fists. He barreled up the stairs to the top of the tower. And kicked the door open. at the top of the tower the roof was gone but the stars where no where to bee seen. In the middle of the room there where 2 pillars. Scarlet was tied to one and Scott was tied to the other. Standing between Ignacy and Scarlet was a man that had red eyes but the rest of his face was not visible for a mask was hiding it.

The mask was a Guy Fawkes mask and the suit was complementing it very well. This thought crossed Ignacy's mind for a split second ant then he remembered that he was trying to rescue his only family. "Well here we are again Dracula." Nosferatu said. Ignacy looked behind him and saw that Scarlet had a bloody leg. "Bloody girl moved as I was about to kill her." Nosferatu said. "So you would kill an innocent woman that is tied up? You coward that boy could probably beat you with his bare hands." Ignacy yelled at him.

"Well if that is the way you want it that is the way you will have it." Nosferatu instantly disintegrated into the ground. as soon as he vanished he was found looming over the boy with his hand outreached to his neck. Ignacy reacted faster than he had ever before slicing of the hand. Ignacy looked in horror as the hand grew back muscle by muscle, vein by vein, bone by bone, until the entire hand was back. "this is going to be fun wont it Dracula?" Nosferatu said with a smile.

The End

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