At the castle.Mature

"Oh my head." Scarlet said out loud. Once she opened her eyes she saw nothing. Not the usual nothing like the nothing in the room, but the nothing like, nothing, no light, no walls, no nothing. She didn't even know what room she was in. "Uh" Some one said behind her. "Scott!" Scarlet shouted. "Mom where are you?" Scott shouted back. "first things first are you ok?" she asked. "Yah just a little bit of a conk in the head." he said back. "Edward are you there?" she yelled. "no im sorry he isn't here." A calm voice said out of the darkness.

Scarlet looked in the direction of the voice and suddenly put of the pitch black she saw two crimson eyes. "Where is he?" scarlet yelled. "I have my own plans for the maggot but i have no use for you so... im here to kill you." He said as a torch was lit on the piller she was tied to. He walked into the light and low and behold there standing in the light was a man in a black cloak with a black helmet shining many red jewels filled with black liquid.

He was illuminated by the torch but his aura wich was strangely visible was a glowing red atmosphere. He held up a sythe that had a blade about a foot foot in height and was about four feet long. "Now i shall reap your souls to use against my arch-foe Dracula." He screeched and thrust his hand down with the weapon screaming in anticipation to kill.

The End

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