the next dayMature

The next day the butler unlocked the locks on the coffin and opened it to see his master lying  there wide awake. "What time is it?" Ignacy asked. "2:00 on the clock just as you like it sir." The butler said. "And what do I have scheduled for today?" Ignacy questioned. "Well at 8:00 am you are visiting the fantasy gardens, and at 11:00 am you are to visit your great great grandchildren at your summer castle, and then at 6:00 pm you are to see your new "bed" and are to return home as soon as possible to rest by 6:40pm. " Butler said. "well then we had better get going then." Ignacy said heading for the car. Once he arrived at the car he noticed that there was a card on the window shield. picking it up he read.


I know who you are and who you have inside of you i also have your relatives at Bran castle. be here by 10:00 am and dont bring anyone with you. 

waiting with anticipation  Nosferatu

"Quick there isn't a moment to lose." Ignacy said. He got into the car and the butler was there in a moment. "To Bran castle and I dont care if we get a ticket!" Ignacy almost yelled. Butler stepped his foot on the pedals and the shot off into the darkness of the morning.

"Hey Dracula do you know this Nosferatu character?" Ignacy said in his head. "Well he was sealed in that insipid jewel with me when we where fighting each other in the very castle you are going to, actually it brings back memories to be going back there. haha." His voice said in his head. The car was racing at about a hundred miles an hour and soon the lights where gone in the endless darkness.

The End

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