i hate all of youMature

Upstairs the party was going smoothly and the people where just starting to leave when the pianist stepped out into the open and she was surrounded by fans in an instant, bowing, clapping, kissing her hand, and offering her flowers. When some one asked where the other musician was she simply shook her head and said that she didn't know. There was a man that grabbed her eye. a very handsom looking gentalman was standing in a corner. She walked over to him and started a conversation.

"So did you like the play?" She asked. "Hahaha I loved it, as if you could hate a play like that, ha. In fact i was the first one clapping." He said. "So that was you?" She asked. "Yes it was me. I liked it so much that I couldn't move for a while though." He replied. "And what is your name my good sir?" She questioned. "Argentine, Argentine Ignus Spectrobus." He said. "Well sir thank you for the service of clapping for us. If there is anything that I can do for you just ask." She said as she walked away. "Ma'am?" he piped out. The woman turned around. "Yes?" she asked. "I did not get your name." He said half asking. "Crimson Bleu."She said as she walked off.

Argentine walked away from the party and grabbed his red and black suit and walked further away. As he left the building he turned around and thought to himself "All of those snotty nobles with there expensive wine and outlandish partys, attending these menial concerts, if they saw what they really looked like they would also despise them selves. I HATE ALL OF YOU." And by that time the car pulled up and drove off after he got in. "Yes just a little longer and i will see all of you licking my shoes." He thought to himself while he started to chuckle. 

The End

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