what happens to the freaks.Mature

Dracula fights his way to the top after hundreds of years hiding away from the world. And who are these people he is fighting? The freaks of course. After all They are the only ones that can stop him.

The night was warm and the orchestra was leaving the stage so the main attraction could play. As a gental man walked to the center of the stage with his female companion. The man's outfit was black and white striped suit and his hair was white. The cane he carried with him was pitch black with but a violet jewel to be the only color in it. The woman that walked up with him wore a purple dress with crimson trimmings and blood red shoes. She had gorgeous red hair with a bright blue butterfly hair-clip holding it in a bun.

Once at the center of the stage the woman sat down at the piano while the man grabbed the violin sitting on its stand. The entire auditorium went dark and the candles where lit dimly illuminating the stage.

The man held the bow just inches above the strings and the woman struck the first note. The note was long and lonely it's very essence was the likeness of a child that saw crying amid the ashes that was once her parents. Then the man joined with a low note that seemed to vibrate the entire world as it slowly rose in tone and in essence then they both released the note into the blank empty air. The people where dumbfounded by those simple notes.

Then the man brought the bow down on the strings and played with such emotion the violin seemed to scream of the beauty that it was enduring, then the piano joined in. The notes where close and dark but it was the most beautiful thing that the noble men attending the concert had ever heard. The men had nostalgic looks in there eyes and the women all had tears streaming down there cheeks. The music went on and as it drew to a close the people all feared that the music would end, no they dreaded it's end. It finally came to a close and all was silent.

One minute passed then one man stood up and started clapping. He was joined by others but half of the entire audience did not stand, they where to stupified to do anything. The man left his fiance out on the stage and was consumed by the shadows as he retreated to his dressing room.

Inside of his room Ignacy finally felt whole. he sat down and began to talk to the mirror. "Well what now huh? I did what you wanted so why havent you said anything?" He said. "It isn't enough for me." The mirror said back. Ignacy stood up and smashed the mirror into a thousand pieces with his super-human strength. "What more do you want? is it not enough that i obey your will and every whim that you get? What more can i give? My soul, my eyes, my body, Even my life will be taken by you one day, what more can i give to you, you greedy vampire." Ignacy yelled. "Give me your name, your last possession."The vampire replied with a thousand voices coming from the shards of mirror. "No, not that you can't have it my real name is my identity. You know this dont you Dracula?" Ignacy said laughing to himself as he sat down inside of a coffin. Once the coffin closed the locks on it beeped and he went to sleep knowing that the vampire sealed inside him was not sinking his fangs into anyone this night.

Mean while

The End

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