Setting It Up

Okay, so I was staying after school next Monday. No problem. Just gotta stay till--what? Midnight? 11? I could do that. I'd stayed the night in a haunted house before. All I had to do was...

Take care of my parents. Now that would be tricky. I couldn't tell them I was going to a party, they wouldn't let me do that. I could tell them I was staying at a friends house.

But Becky, my best friend, was out of town. Rachel didn't like anyone sleeping over at her house. Kristen, maybe? Hmm...that could work.

I pondered all of this over during study break. I chewed on the end of my pencil. Okay, my parents were taken care of. What about Kristen's parents? They would need a reason for why I was coming so late. That may be a problem. I didn't even know if they would agree to this.

So after school I catch up to her as she's walking home.

"Chickening out?" She asked. "Nope. But we need to work some things out.

"First, I think the only way to get my parents to let me out of the house for the night is to tell them I'm staying at a friend's house. But Becky's out of town and you know Rachel, so that leaves you. And anyway, I'll need a place to stay after I decide the legend is false.

"So, what we need to do is convince your parents to let me stay over AND give them a good reason for why I'm getting there so late."

"Alright. Easy-peasy. I can get them to let you stay over, and all we have to do is tell them you're going to a party."

"EXCEPT that won't work, because what if they call my parents?" "Well, okay...what if we tell them you were at a last-minute soccer game with some friends?"

"Alright...that could work."

And so, that's how we arranged for me to stay after school on Monday night.

The End

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