The Legend

I was in 9th grade when I first heard this legend. My friend, Kristen, who was two grades ahead of me, told me. It was my first day of school, during lunch. It starts out with Kristen saying, "Hey, Sabrina, have you ever heard the legend of the Monday Night Magic?" And of course, I say, "No, I haven't, Kristen. How's it go?" And so she launches into the story;

"Well, there's some argument about when it all started. A lot of people say this has been going on for centuries, even before the school was built. There are others, however, who believe it's a more recent thing. But everyone agrees on how the story goes. It starts with a junior girl with an obnoxious little brother.

"You hate your brothers, right? You know how she felt. This girl was a cheerleader, and one day, her parents made her bring him to a game. The game ran late, so she told her little brother to wait outside the locker room. The boy waited, and waited, and waited, but his sister never came back. She'd decided to get rid of her brother once and for all, and gone out the back way.

"Naturally, the boy was frightened. He walked to the front of the school, thinking his parents would come looking for him there. Soon he was distracted by a small bug on the floor. He heard the door creak as it opened. The boy looked up, hoping to see his parents, but it was a child. The child walked up to him and said, "Oh, are you new here? You've arrived awfully early. Let me show you to class."

"So this boy, let's call him Billy now, he follows the girl to a classroom. The same classroom he knew his sister went to for homeroom. But the room had drastically changed. There were chemicals lined up on each desk, odd creatures and odd creature organs were floating in jars of some green liquid, and the teacher had only one eye!

"Like anyone would be, Billy was terrified. So he ran." "Wait, wait, wait." I said. "If this supposedly happened so long ago, how do we know so many details?" "It's a story, Sabrina," she replied. "Shut up and listen."

"Right. So, he ran. Ran to the front of the building only to find the doors were locked. Or they were...until a stream of odd-looking children came streaming in. The air was filled with flames, orbs of light, icicles, and green slime. He bolted out the door.

"The next day, all anyone was talking about was how Billy had gone stark raving mad and had to be put in an insane asylum. Nobody knows if what he told is true or not, nobody's brave enough to find out."

"That's just a whole bunch of bull, Kristen." I said.

"If it's bull, why don't you stay after school tonight and find out," She retorted.

"Fine, then, I will."

The End

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