What Happens On Mondays

Okay, I know the whole, 'night academy for monsters' thing is done, even cliche, but my story's good. My name is Sabrina and this is a tale of what (supposedly) happens at my school on Monday nights.

This is going to sound crazy. I don't mean, like, "My teacher is evil" crazy. I mean, "When I tell you, you're going to want to put me in an insane asylum" crazy. My high school hosts an academy for white witches on Monday nights.

As if Mondays aren't bad enough, right? Now I have to worry about witches and warlocs invading my school? And I bet you're wonder how I came across this. I didn't used to believe things like this, but seeing is believing, as the saying goes. Well, it all started with an old school legend...

The End

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