What Happens Next?

This is a short story that i hope to enter into a small competition that i found in this months 'Writers Forum' mag. I will only give the readers on here the first chapter as i want to make sure it sounds okay and the oppionions of you. i wouldnt say its a horror its more of a crime theme.

What Happens Next?

“No. go away”. My words so sure, so frightened, so clear, yet so weak and unable to fight him away. He stood there as if by chance we bumped into each other whilst his firm grasp still lingered on my clenched arm muscles. His voice was deep and shaking. I thought this would be my last, this night felt like hell this man seemed so evil I couldn’t accept the situation. As i fell to the cobbled and concise ground space his steel toe caps bruised my chin, all I remember is negotiating with the man so desperately that I couldn’t feel my mind thinking of words they just poured out, naturally. It makes my blood run cold to think he had been studying me, my way of living and waited for the right moment to get me. Almost as if I was his prey sickening with the thought of death I tried my very best to escape him, failing was something I did a lot so I made sure I was careful. “get into the carriage you little scum lass”  his words didn’t mean anything to me, as I knew I was in very much danger I ignored the comments that dug into my mind.

“what is your name” he demanded to me

“……” my silence raged him even more and I really thought that he would physically harm me, so to follow my awkward pause I answered him wearily.


He nodded with minimal acknowledgement and pulled me from the floor.

The weather outside was humid but wet, I thought he would be used to the weather as he was a native of this country, still sheltering and cowering like a cat behind a high street dust-bin, being surprisingly affected by the accumulation of precipitation. The drips from the rain crawled down my denim jacket and fell gracefully onto my black chinos. This was when I gave in and clambered into the cold and damp horse-driven carriage. Relief became of his voice as if this man had won and no more will he be seen talking to me. Suspiciously, he said…

“that’s it …Mary”

I put one foot onto the step and glanced back at my intimidating company, and he was looking around his presence to check for people around. My chance was about to slip I had a fraction of a fraction of what seemed like the smallest second and took it and ran. All the way past him, I felt so heroic and alarmed at the same time. Panic and guilt crossed his stare and a un-believable tension came to him as I sensed the atmosphere.

It wasn’t long before I reached a alley way, cold, dark and lonely. I didn’t want to cross this path but do I really get to choose? Making this night feel any better seemed impossible.

The End

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