What happened to me

Natalie's life is about to change forever when she is announced to be not breathing after a mystry accident. But she is alive because she can sense everything around her...
Will Natalie be able to find the power inside her to let people know she's still there, or will her time run out?


"Natalie!" I heard my name being called, it was distant and familiar but at the same time unusual and unreachable. I then noticed for the first time that I was layed on the ground. I couldn't feel my body and I felt woozy and alone. I tried to open my eyes but they were just so heavy...

"Natalie... please wake up" I heard him wisper in a tearful tone. Wait... him? Who was this boy? Do I know him?

Why cant I open my eyes? I need to know where I am... I need to know who this boy is...

Then I heard the sirens and someone said "She's not breathing..."


The End

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