4. Gabrielle (Dedicated to Megan)Mature

This Chapter Is Dedicated to my sprarkk Sister Meagann Love Youu Lotss(: Sorry It's Very Shortt

Chapter 3 – Gabrielle


He was kissing me; Danny the coolest boy in school was kissing me but it felt wrong I didn’t want to kiss Danny I wanted to kiss Dylan. I pulled back everybody was looking off in different directions except Emily; she had disapproval on her face, I looked away from her and tried to find Dylan but he was gone I suddenly felt angry like I could punch through a brick wall “Danny what the hell! You can’t just kiss me when you please. You Absolute, DICK!”

“I-I…I got to go” He let me go and jumped of the dance machine running his fingers through his hair looking dazed he motioned the group of his friends to follow him—they all did, except Dylan he was no wear to be found. I needed to cool of so I walked slowly to the arcade toilets so I could splash my face with some cold water. But before I had chance I bumped into Dylan, I suddenly felt really uncomfortable.

“Um, Hey” I said sounding awkward, moving a strand of hair out of my face. “I’m Ga—”

“Gabrielle, yeah your Danny’s girlfriend” I’m who’s girl—Ugh this had gone too far.

“Whoa, hold on there I’m not Danny’s girlfriend” I laughed “He’s way to much to deal with I mean him kissing me back there was way out of order” I wasn’t sure but I thought Dylan looked…relived

“Oh well I just assumed that…” He trailed of at the end blushing.

“…That because he kissed me I’d automatically fall in love with him? No, he isn’t that good a kisser” I laughed and so did he.

“Um well I better be off” He ruffled his hair totally beating Danny's ruffleing to a pulp.

“Umm…Danny’s already left” I tried to look apologetic but I was actually pleased; I might be able to spend some more time with Dylan.

“He wha—shit… I don’t know my way home from here” he placed one hand on his fore-head and one on the wall.

“Stay and hang around here for a bit if you like. Do you know your street?” I asked and peered under his arm.


“Well I’ll walk you home then. But first I have to beat you on the dance machine too” I laughed and grabbed his hand to lead him back to my awaiting friends

“Okay” I wasn’t sure but I’m sure I felt slight pressure on my hand where it held his. I looked at him he was smiling and looking at me I smiled back blushing a little, I had to tell this boy how I felt, and soon



The End

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