2. DylanMature

Chapter 2 – Dylan

Her face was mesmerizing I couldn’t bring my self to look away she must think I’m A right weirdo but she was staring too. I took a step closer but she looked away so fast I don’t think she noticed.

“Hey, Dylan?” Tommy called and I spun round “We’re going to the arcades, you coming?”

“Um, yeah okay” I turned to face that girl again but she and her friends had disappeared

“Come on Th—who you looking for?” He asked.

“No one” I sighed and followed the rest of the group to the arcades. It was strange living by the sea; it wasn’t crowded all the time and had a great view, the only thing now is I can’t see my mum as much, she still lived In Leeds but I much prefer living with my dad he wasn’t a work freak like mum. All the way down the pier I was looking for that and not succeeding it was like she had disappeared into thin air and then I spotted her with the girl known as ‘Em’  and two others I didn’t know the names of walking into the arcades. I, Danny and Alex followed, them not noticing like I did.

“Hey, Girls” called Danny; he had noticed then “Fancy a challenge again Gabby, you might actually win this time” finally I knew her name. all four of the girls started laughing and walked closer her hair was blowing in the wind and again my eyes were locked with hers. It was like some unknown connection, I felt the need to go up to her and hug her then she spoke

“Well Danny, I could accept this offer but I’m really scared of your amazing skills.” She said her voice dripping with sarcasm. I couldn’t help but laugh like everybody else “Of course I’ll have a re-match but how about we make it a little more interesting? What you betting?”

“How about twenty quid?” He held his hand and she shook it no hesitation.

“Deal. But you pay for the machine” she said and climbed onto the dance machine waiting.

“Fine!” He said sternly.

Suddenly I found my self talking “Its fine I’ll pay” I took three quid out my pocket and posted it through the little slots.

The machine lit up and began talking “Please choose song” it sang Danny pressed a few buttons then stood back and waited. The music started playing and they started dancing, left, right and backwards and forwards while everybody cheered, it was like a football game. Gabrielle was loosing by a hundred points when Danny tripped on an untied lace, he stumbled, by the time he stood back up Gabrielle was winning by three hundred points; he could not pull it back now. Three, Two and One! Gabrielle had one she threw her hands up and cheered then held her hand to Danny for a victory hand shake when…he grabbed her hand spoon her round like a ballet twirl and kissed her! I felt like I could rip his head of but instead of making a scene I just turned and headed towards the arcade toilets to cool down.

The End

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