What Happened On Whitby Pier...Mature

"You're My Whole Life Now,, Who Cares What Our Parents Say. I Love Youu♥"

Chapter 1:    Gabrielle

 I was stood on Whitby pier as I always did after school looking over the edge and eating my fish ‘n’ chips with my three best friends: Emily, Maddie and Laura but today was different there was a new lad in town and he was fit! He stood on the pier not five meters from us. His hair was the perfect shade of brown and just the right length and the way it moved when the wind blew through it made him look like a supermodel, I looked up and glanced at him he was looking at me I could feel my self blushing but I spent most of my effort not letting this grin take over my face but it didn’t work so I looked down and away from him.

“—Gabs. Hey Gabrielle are you listening?” Out of Emily, Maddie and Laura I was closest to Maddie since we’d grown up together and she was there for me when my dad left. 

“What? Sorry. Say again” I still wasn’t looking at them. The new boy was laughing with some other boys from my year and ruffling his hair.

“I said do you want to go to the arcades?” She followed my gaze and grinned “Oh. My. God, Gabrielle!” She squealed “You’re totally crushing on the new guy”

“No I’m Not!” I Blushed and ran over to the bin to throw away my rubbish but Maddie followed.

“You totally are, you’ve gone bright red” She was laughing now.

“Shut up, I don’t even know his name Maddie” I felt like my face would explode or at least burst into flames.

“It just so happens I do. He’s called Dylan, he’s just moved here from Leeds with his dad” She looked behind her he was looking in our direction.

“Don’t look, he’s looking and how do you know all that about him he’s only being here two days” Then again knowing Maddie she would have asked around till she found out anything and everything about him, she hates not knowing things.

“I have my sources and I just happen to know he’s single” She beamed at me with a bit too much excitement in her eyes. I hated it when she was like this cause’ it meant I wouldn’t get left alone until her hyper mood died down, Great! Just Great!

“Gabrielle, Gabrielle!” Laura screeched running towards me “Gabby” she stopped in front of me gasping for breath “H-he…” Intake of breath “…Staring a-at you”

“Laura breathe, I can’t understand a word your saying” I took hold of her shoulders and she nodded “Good, now tell me”

“D-Dylan keeps staring at y-you” She panted then flopped onto the bench beside Maddie and they spouted into a long conversation of planning my future like normal; what was I going to wear on my first date with him, when would I have my first kiss with him. I mean I love the girls an all but they got pretty annoying at times. I made my way over to the edge of the pier to Emily; unlike the others she is my normal friend who doesn’t plan my life for me.

“Hey Em, What’s up?” I asked hooking onto her arm and looking over the edge of the stone wall into the crashing waves below “Looks freezing down there”

She shivered “Yeah I know. So, do you like Dylan?” She said patting my hand.

“I don’t know him but from looks yeah” If his personality was as good as his looks then he would be perfect…Unlike me “But he wouldn’t go for a girl like me”

“You’d be surprised. He couldn’t keep his eyes of you” She gestured for me to look at him, I did he was staring right at me but the strange thing was when I looked at him he didn’t look away he just stared right into my eyes like he was trying to find something, Something that wasn't there

The End

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