Hugs, Anyone?

Completely random...

But this year I went to a "spook trail" (it's like a haunted house but it's in the woods) and there was this creepy monster person and I was scared right down to my toes and I was NOT happy! First of all, it was dark. And it was cold. And the monster was chasing us downhill into a really scary, dark, place.

I, of course, did not want to go in. So I held back and tried to keep from peeing myself while the monster was getting into my personal space and I really just wanted to run.

So what do I do when I have to conquer this fear?

Well, I turned to the monster, threw my arms around his/her neck, and gave them a nice hug and a pat on the back. When I'd gotten my courage back, I pulled away (the monster laughing all the way!) and waltzed right into the spooky place.

*True story!*

The End

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