What happened at your halloween?

write funny intresting stories about the things that happened to you this halloween. how u felt, the things that you did.

have fun writing about it.

Halloween never bothered  me so much. People dressing up, carved pumpkins and decorating your house with "spooky" stuff. But if there is something to be celebrated and to have fun why on earth should you not have fun.

But halloween always makes some people more different then others. yesterday that included me. I did not dress up, do something crazy with my looks. simply because I wanted something original and to be honest  dressing up as a vampire, clown, cartoon hero just doesnt work for me.

So I was invited to a friends party yesterday and we would just hang out together as friends. But I felt like doing a few things with my looks to make them different. It had to be somehting crazy. So I looked up coloured contacts. Too bad theyre just too expensive. Then I came up with dying my hair Blue if I would pass a hairsaloon which might have the dye. So everyhting I could come up with didn't work.

On my way to the party I walked passed a cementary and a man came out with his girlfriend and the man was almost crying. It was strange but I had to smirk when I saw that. I couldn't help it.  At the party I played some darts and won twice of the two times we played. Yee, go me. and ate loads of sweets. We had bought some fireworks. and the pyromaniac inside me became very exited. The fireworks were truly fascinating. especially when the box which spits out balls of fire which explode in the air. tilted and shot a ball of green fire into the spectator group of which i was part of. I stayed on my spot but when i looked around everyone else was gone. as the final thing there was a huge box. It was very powerfull, in fact it was that powerfull it decided to dance around flip shoot in the hedge come back up, fall again and shoot into the other hedge to finally standing upright again and continue.

After that we watched a movie. I was getting tired so i decided to leave early. I went with two others and i managed to get lost as i always do, well finally I got on the metro and as I was on there a man dressed up as a vampire sat next to me. I looked at him and saw his eyes were pitchdark. So I asked him if they were in fact coloured contacts, and they were. very coincedental. Well i changed metro and this time I was surrounded by a bunch of drunk people dressed up. Left of me was a devil in a priest gown. right to me there was some dead guy, Somewere near was a pirate, the Joker, a fairy, A lady bug,  some woman with a fake skin disease.

At last I was walking home and when i was walking home a black cat was sitting on the side of my path as I continued walking it passed my way.  I don't believe in the stories about bad luck I even like to challenge them. As i continued walking I looked up at the moon and remembered three days ago how I knew Halloween would be under a full moon.

when home my sisters told me I was the topic of the party, and I wasn't even there myself.

The End

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