What Happened at the Beach...

Two girls named Catherine and Lindsay are walking on the beach, chatting and splashing their feet in the water, when they suddenly arrive on a beach, yes, but not the beach they had started on.

I was walking along the beach with my best friend. We walked, and talked, and walk and talked some more. Our feet splashed in the cool water, and strolled through the wet sand.

My family was back at one end of the beach, and we had gone on this walk to stretch our legs. As we walked farther away, the sounds of their chatting and laughing became more and more distant, until we could no longer hear them. It was as if a heavy curtain had dropped, and the only sounds that could be heard were the splashing of our feet, the water breaking on the sand, and the few seagulls overhead. But soon, even the birds were left behind. We sunk into an unspoken agreement of silence. We were both taking in the impressive scenery. Personally I was enjoying the warmth of the sun on the skin that wasn't covered by my shorts and tank top.

The sand had turned white and soft, the water was blue and clear, and the hills had risen up to form tall cliffs. The cliffs were rocky, and steep. I had to tilt my head almost all the way back to see the top, even though it was through a thin layer of mist. And yet, I could just make out a thick blanket of grass that grew on the top of the cliffs as I looked back on the lower ledges. I was surprised that grass could grow that high.

"Hey Linds," I called to my friend breaking the silence and turning around. "Have you noticed that the scenery is...well...extremely different than the beach that we started out on. I mean, it's still a beach, but I don't think that we're in the same place."

I suppose before I go to tell of this adventure that I had, I had better explain a little bit about my best friend Lindsay. Lindsay and I had been friends since young childhood. We had grown up together so we couldn't be anything but friends. We almost never fought, and my sister and I got on very well with her younger brother and sister. She was a year older than I was, but it was never a big deal. We liked a lot of the same things but we were very different. When I would talk about boys and movies, she would talk about sports. When I would talk about new clothes that I had recently bought, she would go on about the paintball war she had recently had with her brother. Not that she didn't like to talk about boys, or new clothes, those things just weren't as important to her. We were different, but those differences never kept us from having some super fun times together. We both liked to laugh, and tease each other.

"Yeah I thought something had changed." Lindsay commented. "Where do you suppose we are?"

"Hmm. Well, we're not at Turkey Point any more, that's for sure. This beach seems too much like something out of a story to be Turkey Point. Like something out of Lord of the Rings, or Narnia." I said, in a dreamy sort of voice.

Lindsay laughed. "Whatever C! You read too much!"

I laughed too. "No but really Lindsay, this place looks incredible! I wonder how we ended up here." My voice sort of trailed off as I began to look around. This place certainly was amazing! The water was clearly salt water; I could smell it. The smell seemed to fill me up, and I began thinking that I could do anything, anything all. As I continued to look around, my eyes strayed to the huge cliffs that rose up on my left. I blinked in the sun, as I tilted my head.

"Come on Catherine! Stop just standing there daydreaming...let's explore!" Lindsay called, as she ran across the sand. I took off after her, shedding my flip-flops that I had been wearing. The sand was incredibly fine. And so soft!

Her enthusiasm was contagious. I had no idea how we had gotten here, but I knew that it was a magical place. I also had no idea what we would find, but for now, we would explore and climb, and swim, until we could figure out a way to get back home. Of course that would be after the exploring, climbing and swimming. This was too special a place to be wasted.

The End

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