How I got into writing

I always despised writing. Many people say this, but I don't think they actually mean it. I always hated having to write, with a pencil and paper. You see I have this, well I'll call it a disease. I'm a perfectionist, except when I'm writing in french, then I couldn't care less. So whenever I wrote with a pencil and paper, I'd make mistakes, cause I'm a ginormous Klutz, then I'd bend my page while I was erasing, or smudge my pencil marks, and I'd feel like I'd have to start all over.

About three years ago though, I got this magical thing called MSN. It helped me learn how to type. Except for that fact, that I became one of the many guilty people who started using "ur, u, ttys, ttyl, bibi" and "g2g" when they wrote stories. Typing was easier, and prettier, than writing but it wasn't as . . . satisfying.

Writing also physicaly hurt. I always held my pencil too hard, and I'd get a bruise and a dent in my finger where I held my pencil, that would last for hours after writing a long story. But when I really started to like writing, was when I started to read.

It started with the faithful book Twilight. Yes, the topic of far too many parody's these days, the writing styles of Stephanie Meyer were ones that I copied in my work for a couple months. Then I started reading other books, most of them Vampire related, but not Twilight. With this reading, came a fascination for how, by saying maybe a one word sentence, or a entire paragraph, the author could make me see a scene so clearly, or make me smell a scent so strongly, that I started dreaming about the books I read.

So on September 27th, after spending <i>many<i> nights reading my friend RoseKathryn's profile and roleplays, I decided to finally join protagonize. This was most likely the best, and worst thing that ever happened to me.

I spend at least 2 hours on protagonize everyday, and on the weekends, I've been up as late as 12:34am reading, critiquing and surfing protagonize. I'd just like to say, that I do semi blame protagonize for getting me grounded for too much computer     time . . . twice. But I have to say, I'd do it two more times again.

I've written one story/poem thing, a story that's still in progress and a short story that I had to write for school. I've made amazing friends, and learned so many writing skills they don't even fit in the "writing" folder of my brain anymore.

For the first time in my life, I like writing. It's an easier way than daydreaming, of creating a perfect world for yourself, for you to play in and change. Last week, when I had to hand in a story for school, my teacher had been telling everyone "More adjectives . . . more detail . . . more this and that". But when she called my name, I walked up and answered,


"It was good Cay, really good."  Was all she replied with.

Thank you, O faithful Protagonize. ( :

The End

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