What Goes on Between Snowmen at Night

Sure, you build a snowman, but you probably don't spend all night with him (If you do, you're awesome, Snowmen need company), so who knows what he does when you're not around? More importantly, what happens if you put a snow-bear and a snow-man right next to each other?

Snowman watched as the two humans made him a new companion. So far it didn't have eyes, or a hat like Snowman's fedora. Man, the sun was getting hot. Speaking of his hat, it was getting lodged pretty firmly on his head. It was a good fit. But then again, it felt like everyday Snowman was shedding pounds.

The humans stepped back to look at Snowman's new companion. It still didn't have any eyes or a nose like Snowman.

"Hey, let's give him bear ears," the taller one said, and started to pick up some more snow. It was getting hotter today. Two seconds later, Snowman's new companion had two Mickey Mouse-like ears. His companion was shorter than Snowman, quite a bit shorter.

"He's like a little bear-cub person," the taller human said.

"Cool!" the smaller one said. "Wanna make the cat now?" he asked.

"Mmm.. Do you want to?" the taller one asked.

"I dunno," the smaller one said.

"I kinda want to go for a walk," the taller one said.

"Sure you don't wanna make the cat?" the smaller one asked.

"Let's go for a walk," the taller one said.

"Alright," the smaller one said.

As they human duo walked away, Snowman heard the smaller one say, "Hey, what should we name him? How about 'Bear-y', like a 'bear', getit, getit, getit,getit?"

"I getit, I getitIgetIgetit!" the taller one said, the two striking each other harder and harder in the ribs with their elbows. Snowman wondered what they were fighting about.

"Hi, Barry," Snowman said, turning towards Barry. Barry growled

"Sorry," Snowman said. Barry growled even louder.

The next few hours were very uneasy. It was nighttime and the humans had gone inside long ago.

A rumble suddenly came from inside Barry's stomach. He was hungry. He turned towards Snowman.

"What, what's wrong, Barry?" Snowman asked. Barry started to growl again. Suddenly Barry leaped upon Snowman.

"Barry, no! Get off of me, Barry!" Snowman said. Barry grasped Snowman's carrot nose in his mouth and started shaking it till it was loose. Snow poured out from the gaping hole in Snowman's face. He cried out. Snowman rolled up the end of his stick-arm into a ball, and punched Barry in the face. Barry roared, trying to get closer to Snowman's face as Snowman pushed him back. Finally, Snowman shoved the bear-creature off of him. The two both got up. There was a crack in Barry's head.

"Barry, calm down, you've gone to calm down, Barry," Snowman said.

Barry roared, and lunged at Snowman, biting at his stick-arm.

"Barry, let go of me!" Snowman cried, shoving Barry away once more. Snowman's arm was limp now, dragging in the ground but still attached to him.

Snow and bits of wood hung from Barry's growling mouth. He seemed to be staring at Snowman, but he had no eyes so you couldn't tell.

"Barry, what's wrong with you?!" Snowman asked.

Berry roared and lunged for Snowman.


Snowman punched Barry hard, his stick fist plowing straight into Barry's head. Barry spinned, stumbled for a few seconds, then fell down in the snow.

"Why, Barry? Why?" Snowman said quietly.

                                             THE NEXT MORNING

Sam stood up on the chair by the computer, looking through the window past all the little glass things on the sill. He'd mentioned the newly made bear cub to Dad, and Dad had told him he'd kind of collapsed. He was right. Snowman still stood, his arm was tilted all the way down in the snow, and he was missing an arm, but still there, but the bear cub snowman was down on his face in the snow, most of his head broken.

"Aw no! Barry's dead!" Sam said.

"Really?" Nikita replied.

"Yeah, come look!" Sam answered.

"Oh, yeah, he is," Nikita said.

"Ha, maybe Snowman had to kill him. Maybe Barry attacked him in the night, and Snowman killed him with his own sticks! Daniel Bear-ne. Getitgetgetitgetitgetitgetit?"

"I get it, IgetitgetigetitIgetit," Nikita said.

The End

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