What God

There was nothing left of the money except for a carefully cut out GOD. He knew that God had nothing to do with his entire life’s saving being taken. Holding the three letter word that shouldn’t have let this happen, everything inside crumbled. The place he called home was torn apart, every picture was broken, every happy memory forgotten as fast they had come.. What was left for him? God? Though God was left for him, he didn't dream of leaving himself to God. After going to church every Sunday and praying before meals no matter what place he ate whether McDonalds or TGIF. For staying inside the box when instructed and not daring to venture out, the man actually thought that it would all pay off. That this couldn’t happen. Was this actually happening? Was God actually letting this happen? Letting the men who steal and live in the night go untraceable with everything the man worked so hard to get. For all he knew this was the end. It was easy, to go this way, to stay hidden forever within his mistakes. And he did.


The End

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