If I Never Met You

“So you go to school here?” Marcus asked oddly as we walked together down the hall, everyone whispering as I past them.

            “Of course I do,” I explained. “Why wouldn’t I go to the same school as my little brother?” I rubbed the hair on the top of his head. He grunted and quickly walked away from me, grumbling ‘freak’ under his voice.

            Finally down the hall I spotted Taylor, her hair flowing gently along her face. She closed her locker door and I quickly ran up to her.

            “Hey,” I muttered to her, popping up beside her. “Why weren’t you at the airport yesterday to come pick me up?”

            “Uh,” She mumbled slowly. “Do I… know you?”

            My shoulders slumped. “You’re in on Marcus’s game too?”

            “Marcus? You mean that little freshmen. I’ve never spoken to him in my life. And you must be that new kid everyone has been talking about.”

            “You know Marcus,” I explained. “He’s my little brother.”

            She turned her head. “Marcus doesn’t have a brother.”

            “Yes he does,” I groaned. “Seriously Taylor can you quit it with the games already! Didn’t you miss me or anything my love?” I asked, leaning in to kiss her. But she pushed me back and scoffed. Why would she do that to me?

            “I don’t know how you know my name, but leave me alone you creep!” She yelled, running off into a crowd of students. She was good at this whole thing. But I knew of three people who definitely wouldn’t be able to stay in on it.

            I walked along the halls looking around. I heard two voices yelling at one another and I quickly recognized them and ran over to where they were coming from.

            “Cyrus how many times do I have to tell you!?” Kiki yelled.

            “Calm down Kiki,” Lee pleaded.

            “No!” Kiki screamed. “Cyrus I hate you! So when I tell you to stop coming by my house I mean it. Just because Lee and I are friends doesn’t me that you and me are friends too. You’re a freak! So stop stalking me!”

            “What’s wrong with Kiki and Cyrus?” I asked to Lee quietly.

            “Cyrus won’t leave her alone,” He muttered. “Hey, you must be that new kid! I’m Lee. What’s your name?”

            “Lee you know my name,” I sighed. “I’m your best friend Aaron. Please just talk to me like normal and stop playing this stupid game.”

            Lee burst out into laughter, and I smiled to know finally someone was going to treat me normal. “Ah Aaron you’re one funny kid. But I seriously have no clue what you’re talking about dude. But hey you can hang out with Kiki, Cyrus, and I if you want.”

            “Thanks?” I muttered.

            I followed them into Econ class where I sat in my usual seat in between Cyrus and Lee in the back of the room. Cyrus kept grunting over at me, but I ignored him since I was a little irritated with everyone at this point. A large shadow cast itself over me. I looked up to see Benjamin, the school bully over me. Lee and Cyrus slowly moaned together.

            “You’re in my seat newbie!” Benjamin yelled at me in his deep voice. He grabbed the collar of my shirt and hoisted me up into the air. He breathed hard into my face. I coughed slowly.

            “Ben,” I muttered.

            He didn’t even give me a second thought; he just threw me across the room. I hit a couple of empty seats and pushed them across the room. My side ached slightly.

            “I don’t believe I got any news of a new student in my class,” Mrs. Heralds grumbled when she looked down at me. “You seem to think you know your way around but I believe you are slightly confused. If you could please step out into the office, and maybe they can tell you where you belong.” She pointed me out of class and I got up off the floor and went into the office where I sat for about a half and hour before I was allowed to talk to anyone.

            “You know young man, you have to register to a new school before you can just show up,” one of the helper ladies explained to me.

            “It’s me Aaron!” I growled. “I’ve been going to this school since I was in first grade. I’m not new!”

            “Go home Mr. Aaron, and come back when you’re parents actually register you into this school!”

            So I made my way out of the stupid school, knowing something was really long. How come no one knew who I was at all? Where was I supposed to go now? I didn’t belong anywhere here. So I sat down on the side of the road and watched the cars go by. Maybe I was still in my bed in England, maybe I was dreaming. Maybe the rain that was falling that tasted so real as it dripped into my mouth was just a figment of my imagination.

            It was too real for that to be true. Ugh. What do you do when everyone’s forgotten who you are?



The End

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