What Does It Take?

Aaron and Taylor were always the perfect couple with not a care in the world besides spending forever together. But after Aaron's trip out of the states, things don't seem to be the same. Now all he can ask is: What does it take?

"I love you," Taylor whispered, her hands in mine, her cheek up to the side of my face. Even though she's spoken these words millions of times it seems they never get old to me. They always affect me the same way they did the first time she ever told me it.

“I love you too,” I muttered, stroking her cheek. I leaned in towards her and kissed her softly. I heard an embarrassed giggle come from her, and I smiled at her. “I won’t ever let you go.”

She hugged me with all the might she had in those tiny arms of hers. “I’m going to miss you so much when you leave. I don’t want you to go.” She had told me this all week when she heard I was going on a vacation to England for a class I had taken at a college.

“I don’t want to leave you either,” I promised her. “But I really have no choice my love.” We were standing in the clearing of the airport, people moving so quickly around us they were like a blur as we moved slowly against them. I saw her eyes slowly fill at the bottom with tears. I shook my head and pulled her closer. “It’s only three weeks. I’ve been gone longer before.”

“I know,” She sighed, remembering the time that I was gone for a month and a half to visit my mom who lived out of state. “But I won’t be able to reach you while you’re gone. It’ll be like you just fell off the side of the Earth. And what if you did? I wouldn’t know!”

“Calm down,” I muttered, pulling her face close to mine. “I promise, I’ll think of you the whole time, and when you look up to the sky, it’ll be like I’m not really that far away.”

She smiled brightly, her features beaming up at me. “I love you so much!” She cried out, hugging me again.

“Flight 8964 is now boarding,” they announced over the speakers. “Repeat. Flight 8964 is now boarding.”

“That’s my flight,” I muttered. “I got to go.” I kissed her quickly. “I’ll miss you.” I gave her one last hug and started walking away.

“I’ll miss you more!” She called out. I laughed and waved back at her as I made my way out to the airplane.

While I sat on the plane I went through all the memories I’d ever had with her. I looked out at the window, imagining our first date at the movie theater. I could still feel how nervous I was, but how happy I was when she agreed to go steady with me. I remember how we shared our first kiss up in her old tree house, and how my heart raced and I couldn’t hold back my urge to hold her close to me. I wanted it to be so romantic, and accidentally let out that I loved her, and although she seemed unsure, she said it back anyways. Then I remember the day a month later she said it to me, this time seeming so sure. I remembered when I took her to the dance, and she had gotten in a fight with her friend, and went through a big speech about how wonderful I was and how much she cared about me. I remembered the time that we sat and talked about how many kids we had imagined ourselves with before. Then I worried that I was being to weird talking to her as if we would get married, and she just giggled and told me she didn’t mind, and she wanted to marry me some day. It was that day I promised her that one-day, no matter what, I would propose to her.

The three weeks were spent going all about England, but I couldn’t help thinking about her every day. And finally those three weeks ended and I went back home. I walked back out into the airport looking forward to seeing her smiling face. Yet I couldn’t find her.

She has to be here somewhere, I thought. I ran around looking for her, but I couldn’t seem to find her anywhere. I sat in a chair and waited for her. Time kept slowly moving by and I didn’t see her. So I headed home…

“Mom!” I called out through the house. “I’m home!”

“Marcus?” I heard my mom answer back. She walked out into the entryway to see me. She grimaced at me. Suddenly she held her arms out and pushed me out of the door. She closed it in my face; all my bags sprawled across the front yard.

I started pounding on the door. “Mom?” I yelled. “Mom! Let me inside!” I grunted and sat down on the first step, with my head in my hand. Marcus started up the driveway with his two friends Vince and Jeff.

“Hey,” He said, sounding a little reluctant. “You look lost dude.”

“I’m not lost,” I grumbled. “Mom won’t let me inside.”

He looked at me with a serious confused face. “Um I’ll go talk to her then…” He said slowly. Him and his friends dodged me and walked inside.

I felt a little helpless sitting out on the front yard. Finally Marcus came back out, holding the door open only slightly.

“Listen, my mom doesn’t want you here,” He whispered. “But dude if you need a place to stay I can hide you in our spare room.” I just figured they wanted to play a game with me. My family had always been a little silly. So I snuck behind him up stairs. He led me to my room and opened the door. The room was completely empty besides a few shelves, a dresser, and a bed.

“My mom never comes in here so you should be fine,” He explained.

“Okay Marcus quit it with the games,” I grumbled.

“How did you know my name?” He asked, rubbing his head.

“Come off it Marcus,” I hissed under my breath. “It’s me Aaron!”

“Right Aaron. Well I’ll bring some dinner up to you okay. Until then just keep quite.”

“Fine I’ll play along Marcus.”

“Whatever,” He mumbled. He ran downstairs and I closed my bedroom door. Where had mom and dad put all of my stuff? They really went all out with this whole joke. I laughed as I unpacked all of my clothes and put them away in my dresser. I fell back on my bed. Finally after a while Marcus opened up my door.

“Well I had to lie and say I wanted extra to take in my room. Vince and Jeff might find this strange, but oh well. Enjoy.” He dropped a plate of chicken and corn with mashed potatoes onto my bed. He then left and I ate sitting on my bed. This was usually where I ate dinner so I didn’t find it all too strange. Once I finished I knew it would ruin Marcus’s game to go downstairs to clean up my stuff. So I hid my dishes under my bed.

Beep! Beep! My phone alarm went off. I picked it up and turned the alarm on snooze. I slugged over to my dresser and pulled on my shirt and my jeans. I brushed my hair through quickly, and pulled my backpack on. I slowly walked down the staircase. Marcus was enjoying breakfast down in the kitchen, and I walked over and sat by him.

“Aaron right?” He asked.

“Yes squirt,” I grumbled, grabbing a Pop-Tart out of the box and stuffing it in my mouth. “What’s your deal?” I mumbled through the pastry.

“What’s my deal?” He grumbled. “I’m hiding some kid in my house and he decides he can just walk around and eat my Pop-Tarts!”

“You’re not hiding me kiddo,” I mumbled again. “I live here. And when you’re done playing your game please tell me so I can find my stuff.” I walked out of the kitchen and made my way out into the garage to find my car. But it wasn’t there. “What the hell?” I screamed.

“Shut up my dad might hear you!” Marcus scolded. “What’s the matter?”

“Where’s my car?”

“You’re car?”

“Yes! How am I supposed to go to school, and take you to school, if I don’t have my car! Where did you guys put it?”

“That car over there is the only one we have. And it’s my dad’s so we can’t use it.”

“Well how do you get to school then?”

“I walk,” He grumbled. “Come on.”



The End

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