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Story Plan- please tell me what you think!
Set in WW2, Harriet and Mathew are the main characters. Please tell me what you think- and what it should include!

Harriet is a Jewish german girl. Mathew is a German boy whose family support the Nazis. When Hitler starts putting the Jews into concentration camps Harriet and her family run away to Switzerland just after Mathew and Harriet have arguement. Once Harriet is gone Mathew realizes that he loves her and follows her. The story is written from their point of view- example- chapter 1- harriet, chapter 2- mathew, chapter 3 &4 harriet, chapter 5&6 mathew. please comment and tell me what you think of this! also i am going to start writing this soon but need someone to write mathew's parts! if you are interested please tell me an idea you have in the comments section!

The End

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