Death after undead?

Well you might remember me. I was the idiot who got bitten. The one who didn't think. I haven't spoken in a very long time and you might be wondering why.

Maybe I'm busy killing people? No. Never!

I went through a very big change recently. Its weird sometimes to think of people dying and becoming undead. Like I did, but what about... Becoming undead and then dying again? Atleast i think I've died. AGAIN!

Ok im mumbling so i'll get to the point. Yesterday I woke up in a very unsual place. A place I had never been to before.

Things were different and I don't just mean the house I was in. I mean inside. Inside I was different.

At the time I couldn't describe it but now the word that comes to mind is emptiness. I felt empty. Like the very last of my soul had been ripped out.

I can walk through walls now.

Nobody can see me.

I can't touch anybody or feel anything.

I am nothing now.

I am a ghost.

Death after undead? You better believe it....

The End

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