In the End... What Happens, Happens.

For years I sulked. So much regret, hate and anger in my heart. When people die thats it, they're gone, out of this world. They don't feel it, they don't see it, it just happens. But can you imagine being killed and having to watch it happen, feel it happen, see it happen? I don't just mean feeling it then dying, I mean actually seeing every single day after your death. Knowing that nobody will ever see you or love you again.

It's depressing, it's hard but it's too late. I let my imagination get the better of me. thoughts of a world without rules, without people trying to control me. Where I can be in charge of my own future. That's the life I desired and that's the life I have now been given.

I will always miss my family, I will always miss my friends and I will never stop missing my old life. But this is my life now, I am a Vampire and that's the way things are! My soul is gone but my heart will always remain.

In the end, what happens, happens.

The End

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