A world Without Love

The day I got more was the day I left my family's lives forever.


They were the headlines. I was missing and nobody cold find me. I couldn't let them, imagine them seeing me this way! I had been given more but I didn't want it.

I was a Vampire!

Nobody loved a vampire. Id sit there everday watching them live their lives - "Don't forget me" I'd call to them, but they'd never hear me.

Days went on, memories of me grew smaller and smaller till they were non-exsistant. I was just a dust in the wind. All i had left was my thoughts, memories of them that would never leave!

I regretted it, all the thoughts i had about wanting something better, something more. I hated my self for ever thinking them. If I hadnt wanted more this would never have happend.

I had everything, but after one tiny little bite there was nothing. Just me and my thoughts in a world without love!

The End

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