I'll Show You...

It hasn't always been this way. I used to have fun! I was like any other teenaged girl. The only problem was, I never learned how to say no!

"You'll have a better life" Thats what he told me, "Follow me, it will only take a sec!" And it did...

I trusted him. There was a safe look in his eyes. The look that said "you'll be fine with me!" Most people would call me crazy! Following some stranger into a graveyard at 3am!

I was lost. I didn't just want an answer, I wanted a question! I guess he did me a favour, I was already reaching the end of my wonderful life when he found me.

I wanted more. But more was hard to find. There had to be more to life then this!

"There's more to life than just this"

He said the words id been longing to hear all night! He knew my weakness and he used it. The second I heard those words spin through my ears I was hooked! Like it was some kind of drug, I had to have him before it was all over!

So off I went. Following this man into the darkness, longing to see the more he had promised. All the way he would repeat him self over and over, "There is more to life" and every time i heard him speak those beautiful words i'd simply be hooked deeper.

We walked forever. Till he came to a stop! I looked all over, I was searching for something I could not find! The more was not here? Then he spoke the words once again - "There is more to life then just this" - before leaning into me, whispering my last thoughts "I'll show you..."

... And he did.


The End

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