A Winter Scene

I see three trees outside my house covered in soft snow- as if by magic they had been frosted perfectly. There is about 3 feet  of newly fallen snow which we got overnight. On the road facing my  window two people work away diligently shovelling the snow out of their driveway. The sky is a very light grey and there is hardly a breeze.I think that I had better layer up today as I am bound to be cold on my walk to work. I think I will take the thick beige scarf that my sister gave me for Christmas. It is perfect- and can cover almost half my face. With all my winter gear on I walk out through the driveway. My boots hardly make a sound as I trudge through the fluffy snow. At the end of my street I say hello to my neighbour getting his 6 year old into the car to bring him to school.

The End

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