What do we need to live?

What do we need to live?

A purpose and the hope it brings is that what we need?

For how could you manage the life we live without a reason to even try

Or is it because you keep trying you’ll never win?

Is this what you see in the darkest hour?

That all your efforts was in vain,

Like a "disarmed David against his Goliath"?

If there is a reason to try then should they?

And what if there’s not?

Still too many questions and not enough time.

And so, another one is born, just to see the first one die.

And on and on, they miss the meaning of life each time


The fear of being wrong shapes man like you shape the stone.

The fear of loosing it all shapes man like soft wax.

And together they become stronger then Love stronger then Hate

What if you lost it all once would you dare loosing it twice?

And even if you never lost anything what would make you take the chance?

If there is Eternity it has to be this.

The eternity is nothing but a form but still not only one, not two

The eternity is an eternity and we see it at all times

Mankind isn’t here for an eternity, but his traces just might cause everything to be forgotten

Not everything disappears…

If there’s no hope why are we here how could we live our lives this way

But what if there is?

Where there is Light there also has to be Darkness, as the way a coin has two sides there is two sides of everything.

Maybe that’s what keeps us going, giving us hope, the knowing that everything has two sides but if you knew you had wasted 100 of lifetimes waiting for the coin to spin would you still wait… still hope?

And if you abandon all hope you can’t live, without a purpose you can’t live… still nobody knows the purpose of our existence… how do we live then?

No hate will save you from this

No Love can save you because that’s what’s going to bring you down.

What fear could be greater then the fear of loosing a true love?

They who say that Love is the strongest thing are wrong

Because Hate is so much stronger it feeds you when you need it and it makes you never want to give up

And then there is the fear, if you have seen it once you have it marked as the Mark of Cain in your soul you become what is us until the end of time and never will anyone resist fear it can’t be done and always will People meet fear it’s what life is and when you met fear there’s no chance to Live again, "To live is to die"

Much too dark to be seen, everlasting once you have felt it

And at this Dark hour we shall all be judged but by whom, who can tell you what you did wrong?

If it feels right how can it be wrong?

If it’s the right thing to do how could it feel wrong?

And slowly I will perish and you will all join me as I fade away, fall deeper down…

But never into Oblivion cause the world still remembers and she will until the end of times

We are Caught in the Cages of wealth and It’ll soon be Gone…

This is what you see deep inside of me, this is the core of what is us…

Is this what life is, a big circle you walk … around and around, what’s the reason to live?

Is it to die? To live? Or is it just a big laugh for those who live above?

And is there anyone who lives "above" why in that case, why?

If this is the love you give it can be the hell all too easy

And life never is

And the goals you set can be hard but is it harder then life?

Harder then living?

Deeper they sink in their Ignorance but still fearless they stride

Maybe knowing not is the easiest way?

Or is it the hardest?

And what have I found out?

What have all this nonsense done?

Nothing, as a voice never heard.

Or in this case the paper never shown.

And another one who might be right. Is just another one who might be wrong?

And as you can smell it… the fear

This is the fear and what is the price?

We’re not living any longer only dying…

"If you started on the top and then worked your way down there’s no reason to Live forever"


The End

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