What did I do wrong?

Clumsy Heidi never gets anything right, seems to always be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and has zero luck...until destiny decides to intervene using Heidi's flaws to make it happen!

Heidi was late.  Really late.  Stuck in the middle lane at five kilometres per hour on the highway with no exit in site.  She was nervous.  Today was a very big day and she knew her Manager would be severly upset that she was late.  Its not like she was late every day or anything, but she always seemed to be late when it was most inconvenient.  Lucky Paul had known her for long enough to understand it was external powers which caused the chaos in Heidi's life.  This morning for example, she'd left half an hour early and would somehow end up being one hour late.  Heidi sighed heavily, but ofcouse she knew it could get much worst.  And it did.  From behind the mellow tunes playing in the car, she heard a little bell.  Her breath caught and she didn't dare to look at the dashboard. 


She definately heard it the second time and didn't have to look to know she was running out of gas.  Her heart began to beat faster.  She tried to keep her calm and remembered how she'd been smart enough to leave the presentation on her chair.  If worse came to worse, Paul could always grab it and do the presentation himself, after all, was it not his responsibility to know everything that occured regarding their project?  If he wasn't up to speed, Heidi told herself, it was his fault. 

"Just in case though"  Opening her large purse sitting on the passenger seat, she dug her hand in and though it took her a minute she finally tracked down her cell phone.  About to flip it open with the same hand that held it, the pink cell phone slipped.  Her hand danced with the phone for a few seconds in a catch me if you can game.  The phone won, falling under the seat where she could not reach for it.  About to abandon the wheel, the car in front of her moved along.  The phone begain to ring and she knew it was Paul.

"No!" she pounded on the steering wheel.  No cell phone, no gas, and tardy to a once in a lifetime opportunity meeting, Heidi began to get a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. What else could go wrong?

The End

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