Was I Wicked?Mature

So hot, I sit in the shade staring up at the blue sky through the trees.  Julie smiles at everyone and winks at me, she's such a dork, but the sweetest sister anyone could ask for.   I watched her face light up and I knew it would be for Kevin.  

Yea Kevin, so cool, so cute, so in love with Julie.  My heart beat fast at the thought of it.  Truth be told, I wished it was me.  There it was, out in the open, well at least in my own mind, I wish Kevin loved me.  I wondered what Julie would think of me if she knew that, what would she think if she knew Kevin and I had kissed last summer.

A part of me felt like telling her, felt like watching her sweet little face melt, but that wouldn't be nice would it... plus, I wouldn't receive my hush money.  I smiled inside and winked at Kevin when Julie turned away.  It made me happy to see him turn a sickly shade of red.

I made the money sign with my fingers and he nodded slightly.

Ahh so, all was well in my world and all would be well in Kevins and Julies as long as he kept the payments up.  

Julie ran towards me and I stood... she was so happy, what if I...

Was I wicked?


The End

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