I WILLMature


"I am, I can, I will."

It's may as well be our school's slogan, found on three different motivational posters in three distinct areas of my high school.

I am.

One is right above the stage in our cafeteria. I think that's the biggest poster, spanning about twenty feet across the white tile on the wall, the red letters bulging out from the background.

I can.

The second one is across from the bathrooms people always smoke pot in. As though it could change their ways.

I will.

This one is my favorite. Stretching diagonally on the wall along the stairs for everyone to read when exiting math class. Kids rip it down all the time, hiding it in new places. Once, it ended up wrapped around the festive Christmas tree in the school's lobby. Such tricksters exist in my school.

I see these posters every single day but to be honest, I never really understood how this phrase could be used to motivate anyone.

It’s just stating three very vague facts.

Henry is 'ignoring' me. It's kind of cute, actually. In every class we have together, he's made a valiant effort to express his 'lack of caring.' Like he's so much better than I am.

But every time he thinks I'm looking away, his eyes flit back to me. I caught him first period, by glancing at his reflection in one of the computer screens.

Kind of cute, in my opinion.

The End

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